What Is a Freestanding Pergola Kit?

A freestanding pergola is a framework of girders and cross rafters supported by columns which is not connected to a building. You can direct your vine plants to grow on a pergola or put a fabric shade over the top to provide more protection from the sun, but many designs will provide the amount of shade which you want. You can find pergolas covering fire pits, picnic tables and other outdoor gathering areas to offer some stylish shade. When you purchase your pergola in a kit, you will be able to have it shipped from the manufacturer and have more options in design and materials. Before you purchase your pergola, you will want to determine whether you want a kit and who to buy it from.

Why a Kit?

A free-standing pergola kit can offer you many benefits over either building one from scratch or paying someone else to do it for you. With a kit, you can design the pergola that you want, have it made from the best materials and even get a warranty on it. You can work with the manufacturer to design a freestanding or attached pergola to fit into your space and budget and then have the whole thing shipped right to you. If you have the time and skill to follow the directions, then you will not even need to hire someone to install it for you, saving you even more. These kits will come with engineered aluminum frames and heavy-duty vinyl casings to be as strong as they are beautiful. You can even get a kit with a lifetime warranty on the vinyl to ensure that if there is any damage, it is covered.

Who Sells Them?

You can find a freestanding pergola to purchase from many different vendors. If you want to have a pergola kit which is custom build to your space, then you might have to look a little harder. This is easier than you might think with the internet because you can narrow down your vendor and manufacturer options to those with the best products, reputations and warranties. One thing to consider when narrowing down your choices of pergola manufacturers is whether you want a custom unit or a stock one. If you want a custom pergola, then you will need to cross off the companies that only sell stock units. You can also look through the different things that you can customize on each company’s site. Some of your options include the number of columns, the amount of shade and even the overall shape.

A freestanding pergola can be the perfect structure to put in your outdoor space for shade. You can find pergola kits which fit your custom specifications online. By working with the manufacturer on a custom project, you can choose the shape and size of pergola that you want. You can even choose the amount of shade your pergola has and get warranties on it. All you have to do to get started is find a reputable manufacturer who sells the type that you want.