How To Utilize Social Media To Advance Your Career

Today, those who wish to thrive professionally in their respected areas of expertise, should take full advantage of many possibilities Internet and social media have to offer. This stands both for up-and-coming and seasoned businessmen as well. The Internet and social media are easily accessible, straightforward area in which people can promote their professional skills, advertise their products and attract potential clients. All in practical and rewarding way.

Opening a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a social networking service specifically designed for connecting business people of various expertise. These days creating a LinkedIn profile is mandatory for success, as it grants maximum exposure to potential employers. After singing in, you can write a resume, citing key accomplishments and relevant professional skills. Further customization of profile can be done through relevant videos, presentations and images. This social networking service allows easy organization of professional contacts and straightforward management of conversations. It also includes the option of setting reminders, which help in ensuring that all important tasks are accounted for. On LinkedIn, existing professional contacts can even be grouped together according to specific parameters. This way it’s easy to keep track of important news and current trends in a particular field.

How To Utilize Social Media To Advance Your Career

Creating a Personal Web Page

One of the best Internet marketing strategies is creating personal web page, which provides a closer look on the set of skills or products being advertised. As people all over the world are using Google to find interesting products or skilled professionals, running an official web page is mandatory. But keep in mind that page needs to be professionally designed, responsive and well structured.

Running a Blog

It is also good idea to incorporate blog section on your official web site. This should be space where you will post your views and opinions on recent news from your field of expertise, communicate with users and build a community. It is important to remember to post on regular basis. That way you will encourage your readers to frequently visit your blog in search for new content and updates. In your writings and your communication with visitors, it’s important to be pleasant and keep professional tone.

If you are not too tech savvy, setting up your blog is quite easy. One of the most popular blogging platforms РWordPress Рis highly recommended. With clean and easy to navigate user interface, WordPress also offers a wide variety of visual themes to fit the purpose of your blog. It also takes care of SEO among many other useful things.

Creating a Profile On Facebook and Twitter For Professional Purposes

How To Utilize Social Media To Advance Your Career

Nowadays, as most people have Facebook and Twitter accounts, it is rather beneficial to use these social networking platforms for expanding a business and promoting yourself to potential clients. Through these networks it is possible to have valuable conversations with clients. While the stats available on Facebook will help prospective business people understand the needs of their customers and encourage them to tailor their offers accordingly.

On Twitter, you can attract large number of followers and promote products or services in an interesting manner. Through short, captivating tweets and links to personal web pages and blog posts. Moreover, business people can also find related professional organizations or individuals and follow them on Twitter, with potential of establishing a business connection. Both Facebook and Twitter allow for easy and effective presentation of a brand, as well as to use images and videos to further a professional impact, making a lasting impression on customers.

There’s no denying that Internet and Social Media Networks are some of the integral parts of our modern lives. So it is only natural for them to be used in finding jobs and advancing careers as well. Yet still, not many people actually realize what a great opportunity this is. Be sure not to make that mistake yourself. You have tools at your disposal for reaching people with similar interests and creating a network of like minded individuals all around the world.