Unique Accent Pieces That Every Home Must Have

Your home should look unique and stand out for the accent pieces that are on display. Although it’s important to create a space that is a reflection of your personality and taste, you’ll still want to follow a few trends to ensure that the home looks complete with its design. If you want to feel proud to show off your home, there are a few unique accent pieces to use.

Ceramic Knobs

Enhance the appeal of your furniture pieces by adding ceramic floral knobs that look exotic and handmade. The knobs will add a pop of detail to outdated furniture pieces that need a makeover or can look bland in the room. The ceramic knobs will look beautiful in a children’s nursery on the dresser or changing table and can also be used on the nightstands in a bedroom.

Raw White Pieces

Look for raw white vases or lamps to put on display in your home to create a light and airy setting that feels natural. Raw white pieces look handmade, which can look organic when you need to incorporate a new texture in the room, according to elledecor.com. Avoid purchasing solid white products, which can look sterile and bland when you want to create a high level of design. Embrace the beauty of imperfection to create a cozy and welcoming environment.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Reclaimed wood shelves will add a cozy touch to the home and can allow you to mix different types of materials for added interest. Recycle the wood that comes from an old furniture item to create stylish shelves that can make the home look urban or rustic. The shelves can word as one of the main focal points of the room and be mounted above a fireplace or couch.

Vintage Seating Options

From a vintage eames chair to even a modern reproduction from someone like Herman Miller, these timeless classics can get pricey but they’re well worth the investment. There are definitely cheaper options out there than splurging on an authentic Herman Miller replica or DWR, so do your research. It certainly screams “modern and refined” when someone walks in and sees one of those classic pieces, even if you only sit there when you’re trying to get in some online gaming on your phone or tablet.

Woven Baskets

According to insideout.au, woven baskets are one of the most popular trends and are a must-have to keep your home organized while looking professionally decorated. Woven baskets are extremely functional and can be used to store blankets, children’s toys, and miscellaneous household items that you want to be out of sight. The basket can fill in a bare corner of the room or be placed under a console in your entryway. Choose a basket that has a colorful print or is neutral if you’re using it in a place that has colorful pieces of decor nearby. You can also use it to dress up your closet if you want a unique item that can double as a laundry hamper.

Vanity Conversions

According to forbes.com, vanity conversions will add a touch of antique detail to your interior setting and can be a conversation piece. The item will look beautiful due to its rustic design and character if you appreciate vintage pieces that have a touch of charm.