Anavar cycles & results

Anavar @Oxandrolone is the safest anabolic steroid with the mild androgenic property. Anavar cycle is basically done for cutting, fat shedding purposes. It will never help you out for bulking cycles. If you want to follow Anavar for bulking purpose, then men need to intake more milligram strength of Anavar pills. There is also an option to agile the bulking process by stacking with other strong anabolic steroids. Women will always be more sensitive to such anabolic drugs. But in case of Anavar, they feel that they are well tolerable with Var.

Anavar Profile:

Anavar work is based on the anabolic process of the body. It primarily has two functions. First, it sheds the stubborn fats fast; second, it provides and maintains lean muscle mass. While the body pulls down fat, lean muscle mass may come down. But, Anavar shields it by making the body for quick protein synthesis. The drug aids, to maintain lean muscles by creating new proteins. That’s why the drug is chosen by the users. It is also used by women without the fear of masculinization. When compared to other anabolic drugs, Anavar produces meager side effects which is another reason why the bodybuilding community choose Anavar.

Anavar cycle and dose:

Anavar’s mild androgenic property has become famous among women and most of the women’s first steroid cycle has been Anavar. That’s why it is called as “GIRL STEROID”. Women do not face virilization effects since it does not aromatize. The adverse effects such as a deepened voice, excessive hair growth, menstrual issues, and clitoral enlargement will never occur with Anavar at the recommended dose.

Generally, 5-20 mg is the Anavar recommended dose for women. They get a lean, solid and ripped physique within in the recommended dosage. But, some women go beyond 20 mg per day, which is not advisable. At this stage only, they experience negative effects which will spoil their femininity. If you experience any downside effects, even at lower doses, it is an indication that your body does not suit to Anavar. So, it is better to discontinue the drug. 6 weeks is the perfect Anavar cycle for women.

Most of the men bodybuilders, athletes’ use 50-80 mg Anavar and they state that it works well to achieve their goal set. Some people go up to 100 mg whereas the side effects are assured and instead of benefits, they obtain only diminishing results. 6-8 weeks Anavar cycle is the most preferred and tolerable cycle for men. However, the Anavar cost is quite expensive that would definitely bite the pockets. When Anavar is stacked with Winstrol, Trenbolone, Equipoise the better result is ensured.

Anavar Post cycle therapy:

Does Anavar need PCT? It depends on the dosage intake. Men who normally take 10-20 mg need not abide by Anavar PCT. When it exceeds 40 mg or higher, it is vital to retain the hormonal and chemical balances of the body. Since women usually take 5-20 mg, there is no need for them for PCT. It is profound that women’s first steroid cycle with Anavar never failed to fulfill their goals.