The Internet Movie Database Website Review

The Internet Movie Database or IMDb, is a website by movie enthusiasts for movie enthusiasts. It was first created in 1990, and was acquired by Amazon in 1998. It is the ultimate source for anything related to film; you will see why as you continue to read this review.
Users on the IMDb will experience a full load of film-related content. It features a community of film enthusiasts who provide ratings and discussions onĀ  films. It also has a very extensive database on credits and detailed information on films from every genre and every decade. Every movie critic and enthusiast knows about the IMDb; that is because it is the prime site for anything movie-related.
The IMDb is the best film-review site out there, mainly because its community does the reviews and not just a handful of persons. Here, users will be able to determine what movies to watch the next time they decide to watch movies on the big screen or go to the rental shop.
When in the IMDb homepage, you will be able to choose a number of options regarding what you would be able to do. There are movie trailers and video clip highlights and there is also a search function which enables the user to find local movies and screening times. The homepage also featured the most recent news and events related to the movie industry such as awards shows and updates on celebrities.
The registration process is the usual information input affair, where you are asked to put in your email address, gender, date of birth, and etc. There is also an option to register with your existing Facebook profile. It is free to register for an account, and unregistered users may be able to search for the content they need without restriction. You will obviously need to register for an account to join the community, though. If you wish, you may avail of the PRO membership which gives you access to contact listings of 80,000 individuals and 30,000 companies in the entertainment industry, resume posting options and many more.
The IMDb is the best resource for detailed information for anything film-related. The community is great and provides the best movie reviews you will find online. Its search utility is helpful in finding local screening times and the reviews help you decide what to watch next. It is a solid website that does what it is supposed to do, and will not lose its luster any time soon.