Travel and Watch Sports: Most Popular Sports Events In US

The US is known for exciting, enjoyable and interestingly aggressive sports, some of which rule the sports television. You can only experience the intense emotion of the most popular sports if you travel to USA and attend one of the major sporting events.

Common Sports Events Include;

1. Super Bowl

The popularity of this event can be noticed in how much it takes over almost all TV shows. It is among the top rated TV shows in the country with one of the highest number of viewers it is not just in US but also televised in 200 other countries. Noticeable events include;

· – the commercials aired during the game

· – Amazing half time shows gracing world celebrities

· – Active events few days before onset of the game

2. Kentucky Derby

This horse race was started in 1875 and is one of the prestigious sports events in US. Initially covering a distance of 1.5 miles, the race was changed to 1.25 miles. Features of the event are among others;

· – The most interesting two minutes of sports

· – Extremely fast horses

· – Historical Churchill downs

3. NFL Opening

This game kicked off in 2002 and features an opening concert and a couple other celebrations just like the super bowl.

· – There has been an inclusion of super bowl champion since 2004.

· – Takes place during the night and weekend

4. The Olympics

Although it may not be easy to pinpoint exactly which particular sport is watched as different games take place at the same time, the US summer Olympics still feature in the list for most popular sporting events. Games played in the Olympic include;

· – Skating

· – Swimming

· – Gymnastics

· – Track and field

5. NASCAR Daytona 500

Something unique about this sport is that it attracts more fans during the season opener rather than when the champion is being decided at the end. Some people prefer to call it “The Super Bowl of Racing”

· – viewership has continued to increase ever since it was introduced

· – the most watched race in history took place in 2012

· – tops the list of most watched auto race in United States

· – Indianapolis attracts more international viewers and attendees

6. Masters

Masters was originally called the Augusta National Initiation Tournament. This sport was first aired on TV by CBS in 1956. Features of the game include;

· – 1-9 nine used as the back nine and 10-18 as the front nine

· – Only four holes were aired until 2000 when CBS was allowed to air all 18 holes

· – Only three hours of coverage are permitted in a day in the early round

· – Unfortunately, only members of a “Patrons” list can get tickets to this sport

7. NBA Finals

Right from star players to interesting storylines, you cannot miss this sport event. From the era of Michael Jordan to date, NBA finals still attract a multitude of fans.

This sport attracts big basketball teams from;

· – Chicago

· – Boston

· – Miami

· – Oklahoma

· – New York

· – Washington DC

Other common spots event include; MLB All-Star game, US Open Tennis, NFL Draft and Final Four among others.

These are the most exciting and popular sports in the US. To watch any of these games live, confirm your eligibility with ESTA prior to travelling to the US.

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