Top Tips To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Hoods In Proper Way

The task of cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods is considered to be an important one for the commercial kitchen owners. The cleaning process involves the removing of grease from the exhaust hoods, the fans and the duct. There are specific directions given by the government for all the commercial kitchen owners about the cleaning of hoods and everyone must follow these guidelines in order to be a law abiding business owner. If the cleaning for kitchen exhaust hoods is not done on time, it can result in a fire and this in turn could mean a lot of property damage and damage to the reputation as well. Overall it will have a negative impact form the customers and also from the government.

Top Tips To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Hoods In Proper Way

Cleaning According to Set Standard

There should be set guidelines that the commercial kitchen owners need to follow foe cleaning their kitchen exhaust hoods. For high volume restaurants the inspection of the grease buildup in the exhaust hoods is quarterly, and for the medium volume restaurants it is semiannually. However, it is the responsibility of the owners to schedule the timely cleaning of the exhaust hoods. In the cleaning process the greases must be removed down to an extent where there is no chance of fire due to the excessive grease built up. In order to accomplish this job, the companies that handle this task will have specific industrial standard degreasers that will help them to accomplish this task. In this regard the grade of degreaser will be comparatively high for the restaurants that use a lot of oil and a lot of frying is involved compared to the ones that use less oil and less frying is involved. The cost will also vary according to the grade of degreaser used.

The Company’s Technique in Cleaning

The companies involved in the kitchen exhaust hoods cleaning make use of specific equipment’s and the right tools to carry out this task in the best manner. For example, the exhaust hood swill accumulates a lot of grease and chemical over the period and for that the companies will make use of the pressure washer in order to clean it in an efficient manner. The specific tools like drills and scrapers are the ones that are used to scrape off the grease from the hoods. After this it is the technician that will carefully determine the fan and check whether it is functioning according to the specific standard. There are certain other instruments and additions to the exhaust hoods that ensure there is no dripping of grease in the food being cooked and these also need to be cleaned. If the technician notices that this is not available, then he will recommend the addition of these equipment’s and the proper additions to the kitchen exhaust hoods. This will work out to be a great help for the customer because then he can be sure that there is no leakage of the grease in the food being cooked.

Why it is important?

When you have a proper cleaning schedule set for your kitchen exhaust hoods then you can be sure that your staff, your customers and your property is safe. If you do not take care of this aspect, then you can also be fined by the local government authorities. Once you follow the cleaning schedule for kitchen exhaust hoods you are saved from a lot of hassles.

The above mentioned points will help you to carry out the maintenance task of the kitchen exhaust hoods in the best manner. This will help you take an informed decision in this regard.