DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement

If your door spring is broken, find out about the garage door spring replacement kit and how to replace them.

Garage door spring replacement is very important to be done once you have found some damage to your door spring. If you do not replace your garage door spring immediately, you will find yourself facing an even bigger problem since spring makes sure that your garage door will work properly. When you want to replace your garage door spring, to make it easier, you will be able to find replacement kit. Replacement kit consists of everything that you will need to do the replacement; therefore, if you would like to do the replacement on your own, the replacement kit will help you right away.

garage door spring replacement

DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement

When you want to replace the garage door spring on your own, you must at least able to do advance repairmen since this replacement is quite difficult and it may be dangerous for beginners who do not have many knowledge. So, the first thing that you must do is pay attention to safety. If you feel like you are not capable in doing the replacement on your own, it is best for you to ask for the help of repair men. After safety, now it is time for you to gather the tools such as ladder and ruler. The next is measure the spring, measure your old and new spring so that you know that you have buy the correct spring.

garage door spring

The next step is marking the shaft. After that, unwind the old spring. This step will take a quite long time since you have to check the spring and see which one that should be replaced. After you have done, loosen torsion hardware so that you can do the replacement and the next is replace the springs. Replace the springs with the new one and after you have done, reinstall the torsion hardware of tighten them. Now that you have finished, double check what you have done earlier to see that you have done the replacement properly.

sectional garage door extension spring

In conclusion, when you find some issues to your garage door spring, doing garage door spring replacement is no doubt a must to be done. You can choose to do the replacement on your own and to make it even easier, you can have the replacement kit which will come in handy when you want to do the replacement. Doing the replacement on your own must not come easy, so make sure that you are ready and do not forget safety first.

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