Top 5 Best Universities For Automobile Engineering In The World

Automobile engineering mainly falls under mechanical engineering in many universities across the world. The students or learners are taught how to help in developing and manufacturing of various types of vehicles. In order to select the best universities offering this course we will consider the experience and skills gained from these centers of learning and also the level of research conducted by the learners in their course work and the desire or passion for automobiles that learners develop while on their studies. These universities are;

1. University Of Michigan:

It is a public research university located in Ann Arbour, Michigan, and United States. It offers many graduate options related to automotive engineering such as Master of Engineering in automotive engineering, master of engineering in global automotive and manufacturing engineering and emerging automotive technologies certificate. The learners are able to get the best from their experienced faculty and other industry leaders.

2. Michigan State University:

This is a public research university located in East Lansing, Michigan, United states. Its programs are led by the Automotive Research experiment station which helps the learners to get informed about the current trends in the automobile industry and acquire training that will help them in meeting the needs of the industry.

Top 5 Best Universities For Automobile Engineering In The World

3. Kettering University:

It was formerly known as General Motors Institute and engineering and management institute. It is a small school with just over 2000 students but it leads in mechanical and automotive engineering. This university is mainly concerned with practical learning and therefore learners are at a position to interact with real life challenges of the industry hence producing very qualified engineers. It’s mainly linked to the development of American automotive industry. The learners can specialize in fields such as automotive engineering design, automotive systems and automotive industry management.

4. Indiana University:

It is commonly referred to as IUPUI. It was founded in 1969 and it offers various motor sports engineering programs and other vehicle centered courses. It boast of the best motor sports engineers in the world.

5. Clemson University:

It was formed in 1889. It is one of the best university that encourages research through establishment of Clemson University International center for automotive research. The research campus is well equipped for various research projects in vehicle electronics systems and advanced power train systems. It offers masters and doctoral degrees in automotive engineering and many other programs that mainly focuses on systems integration. Its students are so versatile in such a way that they can work in so many areas due to its culture of mixing design and engineering and therefore they can work on either of the fields. Students are also subjected to a six months internship programs.

The five universities discussed above leads in automobile engineering with reference to driving practical test that seek to evaluate the practical skills that learners get from these universities. This has taken into consideration the various learning resources available in these institutions, for example qualified trainers and facilities to carry out various practical projects. These tops the list of the university to choose from by any aspiring automotive engineer.