2014’s Best Wakeboard Boats

There’s simply nothing better than spending your weekends out on the water, soaking in the rays and taking dips in the cool H2O when it gets a little too warm. The water can get a bit boring, however, if you don’t have an awesome boat to put a little excitement into your waterside weekend.

Those who love the feel of water spraying their bodies while they maneuver a board behind a speeding boat know the right boat can make all the difference when it comes to wakeboarding. Without a good wake, you may be stuck swerving back and forth and wiping out on purpose, just to get a little action thrown into the ride. That’s where this handy guide comes in. Let’s take a look at a few wakeboard boats that are proven to give a great ride every time they enter the water.

Moomba Mobius LSV

There is a reason this series of Moomba boats always sells better than the rest. Coming in at 21 feet and 2,000 pounds, this boat is equipped to provide a wonderful wakeboard surf at a price most people can afford. The Mobius LSV includes rocker switch gauges that allow you to quickly fill the ballast and easily switch out bags for more weight and a larger wake. Besides the fabulous wake, the boat also provides a comfortable spray-free interior with plenty of legroom, despite its smaller size.  This is a great vessel to start with if you are searching for your first board boat.

Supra SA350-550

This top-of-the-line boat is perfect for those looking for a great wake, sleek look, and technological functions that put many other boats on the market to shame. This boat has mastered the areas of comfort and function to create a cruiser that is convenient and reliable for all the hard-core boarders out there. Technical functions that really catch buyers’ eyes include the Quick Bump Speed Stick, customizable styles and the Vision Touch screen, just to name a few. The Quick Bump Speed Stick allows drivers to adjust the speed by one-tenth mile increments, while the Vision Touch screen has driver and rider profile capabilities.

Tige Z3

As the towboat of the company’s professional and amateur wakeboard global competition, it’s safe to say that this boat can handle anything that comes its way. If you and your friends or family enjoy multisport capabilities, this is definitely the wakeboard boat for you. The Tige Z3 is dedicated to the sport, with a multitude of features catering specifically to the creation of that perfect wave. Its lines, colors and textures are arguably the sharpest on the market, and they’re sure to make your boat the envy of the water.

These are just a few of the plethora of boats out there that are great for wakeboarding. Each company has a boat specifically for the sport, making the decision a hard one when it comes time to buy. Do your homework, ask professionals, and don’t be afraid to try before you buy. A boat is a large investment, so make sure you are in love before you purchase!

Written by Carey Wooldrige, owner of Yacht Club Powersports. Based out of the Lake of the Ozarks, Yacht Club Powersports is one of the leading SeaDoo dealers Missouri has to offer! They also carry a great selection of Can Am ATV’s and Motorcycles!