TOP 15 European Cities Where You Can Use City Transport For Free

The transportation expenses hit your wallets. It can be very interesting to know everything about the transport system of the country you are travelling to. What kinds of transport are popular in European countries? Different countries have their own specific features. So, you may find out what is what. If you will never use public transport, you may try. It is rather popular and convenient way of transportation in Europe. If the country economics is well developed, the transport infrastructure is developed too.

Nevertheless, the beauty of the trip can be spoiled by the number of technical problems. The first and foremost, public transport is a serious impacts on the city budget. What is more, increasing passengers comes to the popular transport mistakes and confuses like wrong time table and public order. So, it would be interesting to know about the cities that still use free public transport for locals and foreigners.

Tram 11: 'The Boxcar'

Melbourne, Australia

What a pleasant surprise to come to the bright and dynamic Australian metropolis to drive the free tram. It is very comfortable way of travelling in the city center. You can easily get from one city attraction to another. Nevertheless, if you go out of the city center, you have to pay. The trams go every 12 minutes. They are decorated in the old historic style. The central tram makes the full route circle in 50 minutes. This is the most comfortable and free way of travelling for tourists.

Manchester, Great Britain

Metroshuttle is the brand of free buses in Manchester. They connect all main railway stations, parking zones, shopping malls, business centers in the city and suburbs. The buses go every 8 minutes on the same rout. It is very convenient to get to all popular city points by bus. You can learn more information from the website.

Rotherham, Great Britain

FreeBee – this is the name of the buses that go over the city center in Rotherham. You can catch the bus every day except for Sunday. They go to the Rotherham Interchange station every 12 minutes to give a great opportunity to all passengers to travel fast, easy and for free.

Mariehamn, Finland

Mariehman is the biggest city in Finland, Aland Islands. The city was founded in 1861. It is interesting that all public transport from the Röde Orm transport company is free for locals and travellers since 2000.

Akureyri, Iceland

You should hire the car in Reykjavik and get to the Northern capital of Iceland – Akureyri. This is the fourth big city in the country. It amazingly offers to all guests the best service – free buses. You can take a bus to go to enjoy the fiords view for free.


Skuodas, Lithuania

The small Lithuanian city Skuodas offers to all visitors the best ever service to use public transport for free. The main idea of it is very glorious – this is the way to save the environment to better the city ecology.

Velenje, Slovenija

Velenje is the sixth big city in Slovenija with the population of 34 000. The system of free city buses is called Lokalc. They offer about 6 bur routs that go every 15 minutes over the most populated city regions.

Mons, Belgium

The nice Belgium city Mons is situated 50 kilometers to the South-West from Brussels. The city is famous of its universities, museums, tennis courts. You can also use free buses of the Mons Intra Muros. It was done to reduce the number of transport in the city center.

Vitre, France

There are 7 free bus routes in the French city Vitre. They are used by tourists and locals. The rout starts from the city railway station. This is a good start to visit the main city attractions.

Livigno, Italy

Going to one of the biggest ski resorts of Italy, never forget that you can use free buses. There are four colored bus chains. They work every day, every hour, what is good in the hot season.

Public transport in Venezia

Geneva, Switzerland

Coming to Geneva, you should take your free ticket to use public transport in the Zone 10. The ticket is active for 80 minutes. You can get it in the airport and railway station. All you need is pushing the button. So, you can easily use it to get to the city center by bus, train or water taxi for free. What is more, you can also use your Geneva Transport Card (another free transport ticket) from the moment you were registered in the hotel. This kind of ticket helps you to use all kinds of the city public transport for free till the moment you will leave the country. Ask in hotel reception.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a big and colorful city. GO KL City Bus – free buses that go over the central business region of the city. The program was started by the local government to attract people to use public transport better than taxi, especially in the hot season. The buses go from 6 in the morning till 11 in the evening every 5 minutes.

Chapell Hill, USA

Chapel Hill Transit is the second big transport system that started its work in 1974. It goes through the Chapel Hill and North Caroline University. It costs nothing to use all regular routs (31) over the city. The buses go from 5 a.m. till the midnight, including holidays and weekends.

Dragon Bound To Pasay

Miami, USA

Miami metropolis is situated on the Atlantic coast in the sunny Florida. The city attracts tourists all over the world. It is useful to know that the city transport infrastructure also includes Metromover – free trains. The system consists of 21 bus stations to go over the business center (Downtown Miami), and Brickell, Park West and Omni. You can change the line and use paid city transport by following Government Center and Brickell stations. Metromover works from 5 a.m. till the midnight to help tourists to travel over the city. You can also find the free trolley buses in Miami.