Top 10 Laptop Gadgets

One of the most crowded sections of computing shops and department stores is the tech gadget area. After spending hours searching for the best laptops and computer software, trawling through the different deals and offers, buying an exciting new gadget is the perfect reward for all your hard work. And it’s double the fun. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest laptop gadgets for sale.

1.    The wooden mouse

This mouse can be attached to your PC via a regular USB cable, and will look at home on any wooden desk. Available from a variety of online retailers, the wooden mouse is generally made from Bamboo. This gives the mouse added eco-friendly points – a fast-reproducing plant, Bamboo is classed as a renewable resource. With a glossy finish and a choice of attractive cable colours, this gadget could easily be a well-deserved treat.

2.    The GreenCase laptop cover

Staying with eco-friendly products, this laptop case is made from cardboard. It’s thin and doesn’t weigh much, making it perfect for carrying about. The case can be manoeuvred into different positions to support typing needs, and can even provide a handy mouse pad. You could also store papers and files in different sections of this gem of a case. One for the more enviro-conscious.

3.    Mighty Dwarf Speakers

Although most laptops have their own in-built speakers, it’s always worth having an alternative portable option. These speakers come in a variety of metallic colours, attachable via USB to your laptop.  They weigh only 360g; have Micro SD slots; iPod capabilities; and 360 degree surround sound. They even support Bluetooth, and are so small you can pop them in any bag.

4.    U Top laptop stand

This laptop stand may be a bit pricier than others gadgets mentioned above, but the U Top makes up for this in usefulness. It can withstand considerable weight, but doesn’t weigh much itself, and the U Top isn’t too bulky either. With 6 possible heights at which it can be used, the U Top is well designed for mobile work and is ergonomic too.

5.    USB charger multiple plugs

For those of us with a variety of different gadgets, carrying around a charger for each one can be a pain. A multi-charger is therefore a worthy investment. With prices ranging from just £5 online, various models can accommodate up to five different mobile/tablet brands at one time, and are often supplied with USB and micro SD card slots as well.

6.    Phone Fingers

It might sound a little strange, but these are becoming increasingly popular. Touch-screen-compatible finger gloves – or even half-hand versions ­– will help protect your hands and keep gadgets free from grease, oil, food, or anything else you might have residing on your skin. No more screen smudges for the owner of these cool hand accessories!

7.    James Bond Gadget Case

This is the ultimate airport-friendly laptop carrier. With sections for your different devices, it offers protection to your laptop, as well as being easy to carry. There’s a shoulder strap and a comfortable handle.  The neoprene construction will survive most weather conditions.

8.    Protective Skins

These keyboard and monitor covers are essential for anyone getting their device out in public places. They can be custom designed to cover whole areas or just small portions of your keyboard, and enable full use once fitted. Spillages won’t be getting past these tough covers.

9.    Rubber laptop feet

These miniscule round feet won’t take up any room in your bag at all. They can adhere to your laptop without leaving sticky marks or any other damage, and keep your machine cooler by providing a flow of air to the underneath. For anyone who doesn’t have enough room for a stand, these are a very nifty alternative.

10.  Laptop lap cushion

There’s nothing worse than being cramped on a train or in a small work station with an uncomfortable, heated laptop on your knees. So why not invest in a lap cushion? With an immense variety of colours and themes available online, these compact little buffers are a neat present for anyone wanting a more luxurious working experience.