Sharing is Caring: Small Business Advances Communication

It’s not that every company out there should migrate all of their documents to the newest SharePoint version. Rather, the big idea is that SharePoint is a platform built to optimize business processes in a way that both increases efficiency and the bottom-line. The latest releases of SharePoint are now heavily integrated with the cloud, which makes it easier than ever to collaborate in real time.
Types of Documents to Include in Your Database
Really, there are way more than three types of business documents that should be included in your SharePoint database. However, if you’re new to the platform and want to get things up and running quickly, these are the most mission-critical documents that should be uploaded and organized first.
· Branding Information – No matter whom you hire or at what level they are working within your organization, they will at some point represent your brand in some minor or major capacity. It’s important that they can clearly grasp the nuts and bolts of your branding message so they can communicate effectively.
· HR Documents – When an employee changes positions, moves or experiences any sort of logistics change, it’s important for the entire organization that employees are able to access and download the proper documents. For starters, the HR department doesn’t need to carry hundreds and hundreds of copies of essential human resources documents. Employees can simply download the proper documents, print them if necessary, and turn them in.
· Policy – The more your company grows and expands, the more often your company-wide policy will need to be updated. It can save a massive amount of time and resources if you’re able to quickly upload these documents and send out a quick memo in regards to important policy changes.
The Beauty of a Simplified Database
At the end of the day, the benefit of having all documents in one place is all about keeping the efficiency engine moving throughout your organization. The easier you make it for employees to find and download important documents, the less time they’ll waste hunting for random documents in your scattered databases. Whatever makes life easier for your employees ultimately makes life easier for you. Embrace the vast and massive power of simplicity in your company documents database.