Tips To Keep The Freezer Remain Durable and Long Lasting Functioning

Routine Freezer Maintenance

Freezer breakdowns and repairs are never a wanted expense. There are a few things you can do on a regular basis to save energy and keep your freezer in optimal running condition. Help extend the life of your freezer by taking a few minutes to properly maintain the freezing surface and temperature.

Tips To Keep The Freezer Remain Durable and Long Lasting Functioning

Keep the Freezer Full to Save Energy

The fuller you can keep the freezer, the more the temperature will remain constant. The cold will stay longer if there are a lot of frozen items. This means that it will have to run less to keep the lower temperature. This saves energy and wear-and-tear on the appliance. It is a benefit that directly puts money back in your pocket.

Use a Freezer Thermometer

Another way to save on unnecessary wear-and-tear on the freezer is to faithfully use a freezer thermometer. You may have to adjust the temperature up or down, depending on the external heat. Summer months may require the appliance runs more, but winter months will be less demanding. Adjust the temperature setting accordingly.

Check the Seals Periodically

Old, work and cracked freezer seals mean that the integrity is not at 100 percent. You are losing cold air to any opening presented by a failure in the seal. Have these changes periodically to save on the cost and make sure that your items are staying at a uniform temperature. The sign of a good seal is a nice tight fit that takes a slight tug to open, smooth surface and uniform look when the appliance is closed.

Rotate Items and Clean the Interior Freezer Surface

It often takes hands-on experience to know what you have in your freezer. You want to make sure that all meats and other frozen items are used in the order they were placed. Set a day aside to pull everything out and check. Adjust the placement to a first-in, first-out rotation. Toss away any items that have broken open. Wash the interior surface with a mix of a few drops of dish-washing liquid, white vinegar and 2-cups of warm water. It will keep odors down and keep the surface clean.

Contact an expert service technician at the first hint of trouble. You can trust in Sub Zero maintenance Hallandale Beach to keep your appliance running as good as new.