The Secrets of Automatic Directory Submission

Automatic directory submission is a relatively new concept that is not mastered even by some advanced SEO specialists. This concept appeared because of the needs for online exposure. Sure, if you own a small site and you are not concerned about visibility, you could write and post your own articles now and then. However, for a real business, that makes money every day, the quality of the SEO articles and the online directories chosen are important. Therefore, if you want to change your useless webpage into a moneymaking machine, you will need to use an automatic directory submitter software.
Don’t worry about the money. If you pay more, you will get more. If you choose a free automatic directory submission program, your webpage will be subscribed in a small number of directories. However, an advanced program of this kind must be able to place your site into useful directories. Moreover, the administrators of the automatic directory submission site must watch your traffic, must give you hints for improving it and they must also give you tricks about making your page more visible.
A great idea is to focus you on non-Google search engines. Sure, 70 % of worldwide searches are made trough Google, but it is a lot easier to get important traffic for your website from other search engines. Therefore, your automatic directory submission program must be able to bring you on the first page of Yahoo search or MSN. It is better to get 1% traffic from the 15 % searches trough Yahoo, than getting 0.0001 % from the 70 % percent of searches made trough Google.