The Right Choices For Your Walls

To make your living space fresh again, it is enough to refresh the walls. They are the largest surfaces in the interior and they affect the space a lot, so choosing the right colors, material and design is essential for your space.

How to animate your walls

There is a large number of techniques when doing work on walls from decorative materials with the silk effect that create amazing sensations when touched, to special ancient effects that remind of city house decorations from the renaissance period.

The triumphant return of the wallpapers

Wallpapers have seen a true comeback in the last few years in wall decoration. So, logically the choice is becoming richer, from rustic, silky, to those with 3D effects and more. A big advantages is that they make the maintenance of the wall easier, it gives a longer lasting protection from dirty and it is relatively simple to replace.

Above everything, they secure an economic and very strong decorative result. You should be careful when choosing the design, and what is more important, the amount of wallpaper you put into that space.

How to choose and combine wallpaper

  • If the wallpaper has more aggressive colors and designs it should be used on smaller surfaces in combination with colored walls.
  • If it has colder colors, and pastel colors without much print or effects, it can be used on more surfaces in one room.

Traps when choosing the wall color

A dark wall can be used to make the room longer, while the ceiling in rooms where you stay longer and more often, like the dining room or the living room, should be white. It is widely considered that dark colors shrink the space, and that is simply not true. Dark colors can add depth and the feeling of a larger space to a certain room where that color is present.

The colors of the walls should be chosen in relation to the specific structure of a space. A lot of dark furniture in one space will surely demand lighter colored walls. You should be very careful when choosing strong base colors – red, blue and yellow – which will after a while start irritating the people present around it. Using earthy, pastel wall colors is a risk free option.

Maybe the space will seem boring, but staying in it will certainly be comfortable. If you’re using pastel colors, spicing things up with Roman blinds or curtains in wild colors may be the right choice.

A thousand effects without additional materials

It doesn’t matter that for working on wall surfaces requires a certain knowledge, it surely doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment and search for a way to express your own ideas.

Hand made actions in your space are something which can be pretty great. You will probably like a wall you painted yourself more than a wall somebody else painted, even if your work wasn’t perfect and you had a few mistakes here and there. If the person you hired to paint your wall and didn’t really capture your idea, even worse. Experiment with colors, because a wall intervention is the simplest way to get a fully new look of the apartment.

By Milan Budimkic

Michael B. is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the home decor, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, and much more. When not blogging, he likes to travel and read a lot.