Cabinet Makers Responsible For Designing, Constructing and Repairing Of Cabinets

Cabinet makers are a particular type of woodworkers who are expert in creating and installing cabinets in various areas of a home such as kitchens, bathrooms and in also various commercial setups. They are generally responsible for designing cabinets in customized fashion, making those and installing afterwards. They consult with their clients regarding their requirements in cabinet making and perform other duties as and when required. They cut and design wood with their creative minds to give them a complete new look and feel to the cabinet.

Cabinet makers have to fulfil certain requirements in order to be in this profession.

Educational Qualifications:

As far as this profession is concerned, though no formal education is required but majority of employers want to hire candidates who possess a high school diploma at least. College education is never mandatory for starting a career in this profession. As per the recommendations of the Cabinet Maker’s Association, every applicant should have a good command over English and Mathematics and should also possess at least three years of high school education. In order to be efficient for this work, its better to equip themselves with some classes in technical drawing and woodworking. Since modern day woodworking is a complicated process and the equipments are complex, a degree in vocational training can also be a good way to convince potential employers. The common courses of one to two year programs can help people to become cabinet makers who can do furniture designing, construction, design work, carving, making of cabinets and finishing.

Skills Requirements:

In order to be successful in this profession one should not only have hands-on skill, but should be well versed with spatial skills also. They need to have a vast knowledge and understanding about the tools and equipments. Knowing the principles of design is very important to flourish your career in this field.. Person aspiring to become cabinet maker should have ample skills and proficiency in dealing with the tools, equipments for cutting wood and how to use other machineries. They should be skilled in staining, finish-sanding and sealing wood cabinets. Creative skills are also required to develop layouts and designs of cabinets and also interpret the same. Since customer requirements and preferences are the priority in this profession, these professionals must be flexible in meeting with their customer requirements. Computer and analytic skills are some additional skills that can help cabinet makers shine more in this profession. The data collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the prospect for cabinet makers is increasing more and that these professionals can expect a leap in their career and possibilities.

Functions of Cabinet Makers:

The chief function of cabinet makers, as the name suggests, is shaping of woods with their hands to make beautiful cabinets. The work area can be in residential as well as commercial sectors where they have to design customized cabinets for businesses and also homes.  Cabinet makers are hired for designing unique items according to the tastes and preferences of the clients. Although mainly responsible for designing, constructing and repairing of cabinets, these professionals also have to maintain a liaison with their clients so that they can deliver what their clients want. They work in great details so as to create and build unique cabinets that can adorn kitchens, dining areas, washrooms, classrooms and offices. These professionals also do replacement and restoration of cabinets when the cabinets get damaged due to natural or artificial factors.

Cabinet makers have a huge potential and can make a great career out of their profession. With the world getting more conscious of living in a specific style and maintaining a standard of living, these professionals are expected to be a lot more in demand in the coming days.