How To Make The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space

Spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner, which means garden centres are full of beautiful plants and barbecues on sale and there is no better place than living in Suffolk and Essex. Nicer weather naturally attracts people outside after spending a wet and cold United Kingdom winter indoors.

Nowadays, when your property is for sale especially in the countryside of East Anglia people go to viewings and spend more and more time looking at outside spaces. They think about how the garden will work for them and their family – where their kids can play and the space they can use to grow their vegetables or put a new shed. This space is now seen as an integral element to the British summer with the media constantly referencing outdoor living, cooking and entertaining and has established a picture of basic essential needs and must haves for the classic garden experience.

If you only have a small outdoor space however, then there are effective ways of transforming it into an attractive place to spend your summer day and nights.

Give the Concrete a Power Wash

A lot of gardens are concrete, so if you have paving, decking or gravel you’re already on the right track. Give it a power wash, as a good clean will make it look clean and fresh.

Give the Walls a New Lick of Paint

Paint the walls with a light colour will not only brighten your space, but makes it seem larger as well. Painting the garden walls also helps your outdoor space feel bigger.

Invest in Plants

Bright plants are a great way to add more colour to your outdoor space, as well as privacy to your yard. This can make a dull space inviting and entertaining with a touch of quirk. Don’t forget to place your plants in pots as this investment is one that you can take with you when you move house!

Keep the Bins Out of Sight

Bins aren’t attractive, but you can’t get rid of them so try and find a good spot to hide them; perhaps in the shed, greenhouse or even rear alleyways on viewing days.

Somewhere to Sit and Dine

Invest in a small table and chairs and show buyers that they can sit and enjoy the summer. Giving them this option helps them visualise summer evenings spent eating outside, as everyone enjoys doing that! Demonstrate that this is possible at your home.

Diminishing Time

A change has occurred in the psyche of the British house buyer. More and more people and families find themselves time poor, with long working hours and a more social environment and smaller world we live in. With large gardens deemed intimidating and in need of constant maintenance the consumer is demanding a shift in the landscape they see at the back of houses. Simple use of garden furniture, BBQ’s, hedges and sheds can break up the eye line, split up the garden into simple manageable areas and give the perception of an easy to manage space.