The Healing Mushrooms From Ancient Tribal Lore

Magic mushrooms have been touted to have mind bending powers and have been in the news since antiquity. There were a large number of studies that evaluated the power of these shrooms in curing debilitating mental health issues, cancer pain and immunity issues. The widespread use of these magic mushrooms in the 1950’s was the basis of the so-called Hippie culture. This was symbolized by the essence of freedom in mind and spirit.

There was a freeze on the legal use of these mushrooms after this phase terming these psychoactive substances as illegal and disruptive. The recent times have seen a new interest in the medical and mind altering properties of these mildly hallucinogenic mushrooms. The renewed scientific interest in magic mushrooms and the relaxed legal norms have led to resurgence in the study and use of magic mushrooms.

What are magic mushrooms?

The magic mushroom tag is applicable to the fungi that contain Psilocybin, Psilocin and contain psychedelic chemicals that can alter perception. You can experience profound mystical experiences with the ingestion of magic truffles. You can experience a feeling of oneness with the spirit and the universe. The recent studies allude that the effects of psilocybin are long lasting and generally positive. It is a good idea to start with a small dose to understand the effect the substance has on your psyche.

These shrooms are fairly easy to grow and are found extensively in the Southwest US, Latin America, eastern Australia, Pacific Islands and parts of India. There are online stores like which stock many varieties of magic mushrooms and truffles grown in a safe and hygienic manner. It is also quite possible to grow your own magic mushrooms in the privacy of your own home with the help of spores that are fairly easily available in discreetly packed grow kits.

How do these shrooms work?

Magic mushrooms have an active psychotropic substance that has a strong tendency to alter your mood. The alteration in perception is both visual and auditory. There have been studies that point to a happy feeling. The psilocybin reacts with the Serotonin receptors to create a happy mood. The mind experiences a sense of liberation. The free feeling may lead to a long lasting and profound mind altering experience.

The effect of the shrooms is felt around 20-60 minutes after ingesting the shrooms. They can be chewed, steeped as a tea or even taken as a capsule or powder. The first sensory overload is visual. There is a kaleidoscopic visual sensation like a grid. This is a precursor to other sensations. The trip is a journey of discovery and enlightenment and spirituality. The profound revelation of your spiritual core may be the beginning of an understanding of oneness with the cosmos.

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