Ayurveda- A Brief Insight Into The Healing System

Ayurveda or the ancient healing system dates back to approximately 2500 years ago. It has been very effective in the cure of ailments and diseases. With the advent of science and technology, the pharmaceutical industry has brought in many medicines and drugs to treat diseases. However, most of them carry side effects if continued for a prolonged period. They have the ability to work on some regions of the body- the parts that suffer from the ailment. They do not treat the whole body or address the illness or the condition from its roots.

Ayurveda- A Brief Insight Into The Healing System

 People do get relief but only for a short period of time. The illness or the condition resurfaces again and this leads to the next dose of medicine for its prevention. The effects last for some time and the pattern of the condition or pain keeps on coming and going.

 How can ayurveda or the ancient healing techniques help?

 Dr. Pankaj Naram is a skilled Ayurveda healer. He has ancient ayurveda scriptures that are believed to be over 2500 years old handed down to him by his predecessors. He says that Ayurveda has the ability to heal mental, physical and emotional ailments. He is now on a mission to spread the positive message of the Ayurveda ancient healing system across the world. He visits 12 countries on a regular basis. They are the USA, India, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Austria, Canada , Australia and Nepal.

 People from more than 108 nations regularly visit him for treatment of diseases and ailments. They have several health challenges. He treats them with the wisdom of his Ancient Youth Secrets. The results have been amazing for some people. Till date, he has treated people with obesity, blood pressure, skin problems, hair loss, epilepsy, infertility and other challenging health issues.

 The importance of eating the right food in Ayurveda

 He says that when you are doing ayurvedic treatment for a disease or an illness, it is very important for you to eat the right food according to your body type. The human body has three doshas. An imbalance in any of them will result in illness and disease. There are some lifestyle factors that often lead to this imbalance. If the dosha Pitta is dominant in the body like in the case of sportmen, Vata is the dosha that causes you to lose weight and become slim while excess of Kapha will make you fat. As per your body type, if you are not careful with the food you take, you will fall prey to illness.

He says that the Ayurvedic system recognizes six tastes and they are salt, sweet, sour,pungent, bitter ad astringent. Each of these six tastes has a separate energy effect on both the mind and the body. If your body has the excess of the dosha Pitta, you may worsen the condition by consuming food that is hot and spicy.

 Dr. Pankaj Naram says these are some of the common principles that Ayurveda teaches you when it comes to good health. He helps people understand them better and treats them in a safe and holistic manner!

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