The Advantages of Indoor Tennis Courts

There is no doubt that indoor residential tennis courts might be the most preferred courts. There is no greater feeling than getting to escape extreme weather conditions while playing a pleasurable game of tennis. Below are some of the advantages of playing in an indoor court.

It is beneficial to the joints

Indoor residential tennis courts are actually the best options for tennis players with weak joints because the carpet does not really have much impact on the bones. The courts give the players the opportunity to play faster as compared to outdoor courts.

Avoid ball loss

The pleasure of swinging the ball anywhere you want without worrying about the ball is found on this court. The indoor tennis court saves you from the agony of losing the ball, especially as compared to the outdoor courts.

No extra gear

When playing on outdoor courts, you are expected to carry extra luggage to remain prepared for inclement weather. All this stress is removed by the indoor game. You comfortably play your game without any interference at all.

Long game duration 

The indoor courts are convenient for any season or weather conditions. It is not subject to hindrances such as the scorching sun or even the rain. This therefore implies that there is more time to exercise with this game,

Increased speed

This is one of the most common benefits of indoor games. The game is usually not dependent on weather and other variables exerted by the great outdoors. For this reason, speed is enhanced in the game.

While there are advantages in playing in indoor courts, there are also a few cons. Some are listed below.

Poor lighting

Lighting is one of the major drawbacks of indoor courts. The light may be either too bright or too dark, which ends up being a very huge problem. This is not an issue for outdoor games because the sun is overcast and thus provides desirable lighting for the courts.


The indoor courts are rarely affected by external noise from busy roads and nearby parks. However, some internal elements may be a problem. The walls tend to magnify the noise inside. With sounds from every ball on the court as well as fans, it can become pretty overwhelming.

Space is limited

This is a major problem of indoor courts. There is limited space to run around on. While the lack of space may not affect the playing area, it is still a disadvantage. The ceiling is also a limiting barrier for the ball.

Residential courts are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the players and the game–regardless of the weather or other situations. Whether you play indoors or outdoors, you will be able to enjoy your tennis game.