Rookie Runner Mistakes: What You’re Doing Wrong

When it comes to getting into shape, running as exercise is second to none. What is so great about running is the fact that it is simple, cheap and accessible to anyone, also of all the exercises, it is running that employs almost your entire body. It is great for losing weight, great for your lungs, but also has an extremely positive outcome on your brain. Little known is the fact that one of the best chess players in history Bobby Fisher ran almost two miles a day. Fisher claimed that the first time he felt a pain in his back during the match it was impossible for him to focus on the game and it resulted in a loss. So running is not just something athletes do to prepare for the Olympics or tournaments.

The perks that one gets from running are a benefit to almost every aspect of his life, but as in all things if done without measure and without taking the right steps to secure it being both effective and pleasurable, even running may cause some inconveniences.

Running to the Future

First thing one should have in mind, when it comes to the dangers of running, is not to start too hard too soon. The runner must always be aware of his possibilities and not compare himself to his colleagues or friends who have been regular runners for months or years. Both your running condition and your general fatigue will improve in time, therefore you should always be aware of your current possibilities and not rush to compete with anyone, especially yourself. It would be best to set a realistic goal for your every week of your running raising the bar slightly every time until you reach your goal.

Rest a while and Run a Mile

Rookie Runner Mistakes: What You're Doing Wrong

One of the most recurrent mistakes is that when runner constantly runs the same lengths in the same manner. Some of the more prominent experts in the field agree that the diversity in running is often as important as is the runner’s persistence. Some days, your body is keener to running a marathon, yet tomorrow it might be sprint or light jogging. Still perhaps the most important thing in running is to regularly have a rest days free of running. Although sometimes you might feel as if you don’t need a rest or that you are missing out a lot if you skip even just one day of running but it is not so. Your body needs a rest from time to time and by avoiding it, you are just making it more difficult on yourself.

Running Shoes

Rookie Runner Mistakes: What You're Doing Wrong

Even though running does not require expensive equipment, be sure to use quality shoes for your running. These shoes help you avoid having foot problems that usually occur in regular runners. Spending a little more money on your shoes might go a long way when it comes to your health, but in case you notice that you have a pain in your feet or that you have a trouble walking, be sure to check your feet on one of the sports podiatry clinics. Even if there’s nothing wrong with your feet it would be wise for regular runners to go on regular check-ups just in case.

Running is great way to both preserve your health and stay in shape, but if done improperly may have the reverse effect. Now you can make your running both fun and safe by just following these few simple advices. Enjoy!