An Overview Of Garden

The word ‘garden’ means an enclosed space where plants and trees are grown. It is generally adjacent to a house or building where people plant trees and flower plants for gratification and pleasure. Today there is a not only garden that has innate trees but people have also premeditated plants to give the garden a decorative look. The term precincts now-a-days generally refer to the precincts that are adjoining to residential building. But previously, it has been used in a more general sense.

People set up different types of garden. Some are for decoration, some for producing food crops while some people design their precincts in such a way that it satisfies both decorative and the purpose of producing food. They intermingle both in order to reap the benefit of the two types of gardening. Many people take up gardening as an activity in their leisure time. They love spending time with the plants because it gives them the pleasure of being with nature after a day of hard work. They design their precincts in different pattern which will give an ornamental look to their house. However, gardens are designed mainly in places which cover many acres of land. The design of the garden is at times made by the possessor of the land but sometimes people get it done by professionals.

The in house precincts are maintained by the landlord because it is not a vocation for him rather gardening acts as refreshment. People who take up gardening as an occupation are professionals who get the opportunity to spend their life with different types of plants. These people are given specialized training on how to design gardens of different types. They also have to acquire knowledge related to diverse gardening pattern. While designing any garden the professional has to keep in mind the usage of the precincts. They also need to be aware of designing the garden in such a way that it matches the surrounding areas.

Charges required for maintenance of a garden also affect the design of the garden because funds are required for maintaining it. The style in which precincts can be designed also gets limited by the amount of investment done in designing the garden. The precincts are made of elements like soil, rocks, light, air etc. Precincts are to be made of natural elements which are helpful for providing oxygen to the atmosphere and the increase in greenery also enhances the beauty of the atmosphere. The gardens are mainly designed for artists, purposeful and entertaining uses. On functional grounds, precincts are designed in collaboration with nature so that the balance of nature can be maintained which is caused by deforestation. Precincts are used also for producing food crops like vegetables which are used in preparing food every day. This type of garden is mainly found in residences. Not only people grow food crops in their residential garden but they also grow flowers and fruits. Gardening also serves as a recreational activity because it helps people to relax after a long day of work. Precincts are, therefore, seen in the houses of many people.

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