Proper Methods For Polishing Golf Clubs

If you’re one of those people who love playing golf, you would understand just how important the condition of your golf clubs is. Keeping them clean and well-maintained has a direct bearing on your performance and you should focus on taking care of them to the best of your abilities. However, golf clubs are susceptible to wear and tear, especially if you’re playing in the challenging (yet interesting) golf courses such as the ones in Tampa Bay. This is the reason why regular polishing of golf clubs is a must, and you should include this activity in your schedule.

What Does Polishing Your Clubs Achieve?

When you keep your clubs clean, their durability and quality remains intact and you can play with them for many years. It is important for you to include golf club polishing within your standard golf club maintenance routine. The more you polish your clubs, the better they look. Besides cosmetic benefits, polishing golf clubs regularly also safeguards them against adverse environmental conditions. Even in the presence of excess water and dirt, your clubs will remain intact. Polishing your golf clubs regularly also ensures that the club faces remain clean. This means that every ball you strike with the club will not be affected in any way by the debris that might otherwise cling to the club face.

What Materials Are Required For Golf Club Polishing?

Polishing your golf clubs might seem like an easy task, but there are a couple items you will need if you wish to do it effectively and with the right amount of care. These are:

  • Hot Water
  • Soap
  • Towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Polish
  • Polishing Cloth

How to Proceed With the Cleaning Process?

Proper Methods For Polishing Golf Clubs

You need to make sure that the clubs get cleaned thoroughly before you can give them a good polish. In order to do so, you could try pouring two tablespoons of liquid dish-washing soap in a bucket. Make sure that the strength of the soap is mild, and then add water to it. Although any liquid dish-soap would work, you might consider using specialty soaps. Soak the club in it for several minutes so that any debris that is stuck to the grooves of the club face loosens up.

You should then work the soap and hot water mixture over the back and face of the golf club gently. Use a toothbrush for this purpose or a medium-bristled brush. Exert medium pressure while scrubbing until you think it looks clean. Finally, rinse the club using clean water.

Be careful while drying your golf club. Use a rag or a towel. You have to be certain that the clubs have dried up entirely before you can move further.

Apply car wheel or metal polish to your club using a soft towel or cloth. Let the solution sit for some time and then wipe it off. You will also find spray polishes which make the whole process easier. Wiping or spraying the shafts with polish also protects against rust.

Once you’re done, you should place the clubs back into your golf bag at once to make sure you don’t misplace or lose them.

What to Avoid

You should never use a wire brush for cleaning your golf clubs. These brushes have wire bristles that may even scratch a club face.

When your clubs are well-polished, it will be easier for you to tackle difficult courses.. You will not face any difficulty and your performance will also show a marked improvement. In short, this must be in your to-do list before you hit one of the exciting golf courses in Tampa Bay. However, you must always be thorough when it comes to cleaning your golf club as neglecting it might adversely affect your performance.