Top 10 Tips To Save Space At Home

There are many creative ways to save space in the home.  Whether moving into a smaller size property or outgrowing a current home, space can be a problem.  Don’t worry, there are clever ways to use every nook and cranny in the home to make the best use out of space.

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Great Space Saving Ideas

From the latest furniture designs to unused open spaces, here are the top 10 tips to save space at home:-

  1. Most furniture items, kitchen appliances, freestanding wardrobes and fireplaces can take up a lot of space within the home.  If space is a premium why not contemplate buying a built-in kitchen, wardrobes and even a woodstove?
  2. Pocket shower curtains – for smaller size bathrooms, pocket shower curtains are ideal especially if there isn’t much storage space.  Shower curtains with pockets can be used to store personal bathroom essentials.
  3. Additional dishwasher drawer – older type properties tend to have bulky cupboards and units.  If space is a concern, an additional dishwasher drawer is perfect for storing crockery and cutlery.
  4. Sofa bunk bed – any sort of sofa that converts into a comfortable bed is going to save a considerable amount of space.  Innovative new designs allow comfortable sofas to be transformed into sleepy bunk beds.
  5. Stair storage – many householders tend to neglect stair storage.  Hollow sides of a staircase can be fully utilised as extra cubby-hole spaces.  Alternatively, there’s also the option to build drawers that pull out into the risers, perfect for storing things.
  6. Sliding pantry – it’s old fashioned but a sliding pantry is a fantastic way to save space in the kitchen area.  Perfect for storing dry goods, a sliding pantry is easy to install and very cost-effective.
  7. Fold down table/ bookcase – another furniture storage space saving creation.  This type of foldaway table also doubles as a bookcase which frees up space and provides extra book storage where needed.
  8. The attic – how about turning the attic into an additional storage room?  When you think of the unused space in an attic, it’s not that expensive to convert it into another room in the house, great idea!
  9. Basement – again, in many older homes where space is an issue, the basement can also be refurbished for storage.  There are lots of handy hints, tips and advice online about basement refurbs.
  10. Storage units – browse the net for storage units which are generally quite cheap to buy and easy to use.  Designed to take up limited space, practical storage units provide solutions for smaller homes.

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