Pests Control: When Do You You Need a Professional to Eliminate Your Pest Problems?

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and affect all households and people. Whether you wear insect repellant or share your sleeping space with bed bugs; you’re going to have to deal with them.

The question is, when do you need a good pest control service and when can you deal with the issue yourself?

The first thing to remember is that you’re not alone; according to Statista in 2018, 2.7 million households in the US called for help with their pest problem.

Your first instinct may be to deal with the issue yourself, but this is not always the best option. In the following situations you should contact a professional; you can find out more about the services they offer.


There are some pests that can kill you. One of the most obvious is the humble bee, wasp or even hornet.

These creatures are generally harmless unless threatened. But, they can be a nuisance if you need to walk past their nest regularly.

Of course, if you have an allergic reaction to their sting it can be much more serious. In fact, on average 100 people die each year from stinging insects such as wasps.

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies you should get professional help when dealing with a large asp nest.

Locating The Nest

IF you know you have a problem, such as termites in your home; but are unable to locate the nest then you need professional help.

If you don’t kill the nest you’ll still have a pest problem. It may appear to alleviate for a short period.

Professionals are experts at understanding the pests you are dealing with and at getting to the source of the issue.


You can look round your home several times and not spot the signs of a pest problem or the potential for one.

That’s why it is so important to have an expert advise you. They will recognize when you have an issue, when you could have one and, most importantly; how to prevent it from occurring.

A visit from your local pest control expert could actually save you the hassle and expense of pests!

Try First

The most obvious time to call in the professionals is when you have tried everything you can think of and the pests are still causing an issue.

There are many products available in your local store to help you deal with pest issues. However, it is important to understand that if you purchase every product on the shelves you may still not deal with the root of the problem. In effect you’re just wasting your time and money.

It’s good to try and resolve the issue but it is also important to recognize your efforts are not working; the professionals can help you!

Infestation Size

When you have a lot of pests then it’s unlikely that you’re home efforts are going to prove successful.

It’s advisable to call the professionals straight away; the longer you delay the worse the problem will get.


Bugs love moisture. If you have damp in your home you need a professional to get rid of the bugs and another one to get rid of the damp. Only once this has gone will you be able to prevent the pests from returning.