Ensuring Safety While Taking Medicines – What Steps Should you be Aware of?

If you consider the US population, you will find that 15% of the population consist of people who are above the age of 65 and they’re the ones who consume more than 1/3rd of the medicines prescribed in prescriptions. This doesn’t include the number of over-the-counter drugs which they take without any prescription. Reports also reveal that there are more than 90% of the seniors who use vitamins and herbal remedies. As there’s enough risk related to every medicine, including the allergic reactions, side effects or reactions with food, the risk is usually increased among seniors.

The educators and practitioners believe that it is important that the caregivers inform themselves regarding the way in which medicines should be used. Just as the biopharmaceutical industry engages in host cell protein analysis in order to track the safety of the medicines, the users should also invest their effort and time. Here are few steps that you should take to ensure safety.

  • Stay aware of the instructions of the dosage

Such instructions include whether or not a drug should be taken along with food or with fluids or with milk or in an empty stomach. When you don’t follow the instructions of dosage, this may lead to the medicine being less effective or leading to too many complicacies. In case of most medicines, they are tested on the younger population but there are times when the seniors might require different dosage as compared against the young.

  • Be clear about the situations when you shouldn’t take the medicine

When should a specific medicine not be taken? You have to take into account the history of all existing conditions and allergic reactions. There are several seniors who have different types of medical conditions which are usually not seen among the younger generation. Make sure you follow the instructions to the ‘T’ so that you don’t have any risk.

  • Stay aware of the warnings

You will find written at the back of the medicine strip that you should avoid cold, heat or sun when you’re supposed to take the medicine. There are few medicines which can lead to extreme sensitivity to sunlight and this result in sunburn or eruptions in the skin which are pretty dangerous. While taking medicines, it can be necessary to avert either too cold or too much heat. Seniors are more vulnerable to the extreme weather conditions.

  • Understand the side-effects

Know the possible side effects which can occur and then watch out for them so that you can treat them with ease. The doctor will also have told you about the side effects and keep them in mind. It is vital to note that the medicines tend to affect the senior more than the younger people. A reaction which ends up being more innocuous among the young might get serious among the seniors.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the safety precautions that you should take while having medicines, make sure you take into account the above mentioned tips.