Packing Tips For A True-blue Texan Golf Vacation

When it comes to vacationing near Texas City, golf course-visits fare prominently in a sports enthusiast’s itinerary.  After completing booking formalities in your chosen golf resort, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of what to pack. Believe us, a hasty and slapdash packing can actually hamper your performance on the course. Even the veterans sometimes forget the obvious stuff such as golf clubs, caps, gloves, pullovers, and shorts, let alone the little detail-oriented objects such as healthy snacks, sunscreen, rain gloves, tip money, et al.  Know what? It’s utterly frustrating when you cannot find something you reach out for and this frustration shows in your game. Remember, you end up being a source of annoyance to your group, if you keep on borrowing little things from everybody around, so plan well and pack right. Here are a few packing tips:

Start with Apparel

The number of clothes you should pack depends on climate. The average temperature in Texas City ranges from 80 to 90 degree Fahrenheit in summer and 30 to 60 degree F in winter. For summer golf trips, microfiber garments are a must, as they help you combat the heat and humidity of a Texan summer and  stay focused on your game. Got fetish for winter golfing? Then pack your pullover and jackets, as these are what will stop you from feeling miserable, when you stand in the middle of the fairway, with 30 miles an hour chilly wind assaulting you. All upscale golf resorts in Texas offer laundry service, so do not stuff your bag with unnecessary extras.

Pay Attention to Footwear

Before setting off for a Texan golf vacation, make a good shoe-plan. Always carry to take at least two pair of waterproof golf shoes. With the weather pattern getting increasingly complex in the East Coast, there is no guarantee that a sudden downpour will not drench you thoroughly in the middle of fairway. A dry pair will come handy on trips four days or longer. A lightweight flip-flop will come handy, when you head for some local attractions.

Be All-Weather-Ready

It does not matter whether you staunchly follow Google Weather or not, in a coastal golf destination such as Texas city, the weather may change in an instant. Therefore even the weather forecast informs you otherwise, you must not forget to throw your rain gear – raincoat, umbrella, and rain gloves – into your bag. Be it peak summer or chilly winter, Texas is bathed in bright sunlight throughout the year. Hence sunglasses, golf caps and sunscreen are three things that should not be left behind at any cost. One warning – don’t trust those cheap umbrellas; instead invest in top quality golf umbrellas that will provide you cool shade under scorching desert sun and keep you dry during those sporadic downpours.

Create a Sizeable Ball Inventory

Whether you are a high handicapper or not, carry a lot of balls in your bag. Buying balls at the resort can unnecessary explode your travel budget.

Mull over the Miscellaneous

From ferry rides to water park visits, tourists can indulge in an array of activities other than golfing in this coastal city in Galveston County. Therefore be sure to include gear for non-golf activities, such as swimsuits, evening dress or formals for fine dining, comfortable T-shirts, pajamas, pair of gym shorts etc. Keep a lot of single dollar bills in your wallet; they will come handy at the time of tipping. Eating healthy is definitely not the top agenda while enjoying a golf vacation. However, don’t forget to put some healthy snacks into your golf bag for nutritious fortification in between the shots. Last but not the least, PACK YOUR CAMERA.

Can’t wait for that exciting Texas City golf course vacation? Well, first go through our packing tips. You will be glad you referred to them.