Chesterfield Sofas-A Must Need For Your Living Rooms

The house will always be the best place to relax after a hard day’s work. It is a favorite place for the majority of families who choose the hall together to spend time in the evenings and weekends.

What makes the living room a cozy and attractive?

This Chesterfield Sofa!

This noble piece of furniture is an expressive way to welcome guests and spend leisure time with your family. Beautiful designed sofa not only offers main room of the house a comfortable environment, but also give it a unique style.

In ancient times the production of sofas was a matter of time-consuming and difficult. Chesterfield sofas share a complicated history, along with elite and aristocracy.

History shows that these types of sofas generally used in older establishments, government buildings and luxury homes for generations.

Characteristic features of the couch Chesterfield:

  • upholstery is made through the use of elite kinds of leather cloth;
  • diamond-shaped stitches on the back created with decorative buttons, rivets and buttons;
  • shaped armrests, combined with the back of furniture and having the same height;
  • rounded shape of the back and armrests, visually resembling a scroll;

Best Features:

  • The first sign is diamond-shaped stitch.
  • The armrests flow smoothly into the sofa in the back and correspond exactly to its height.
  • The third feature is the form of the armrest. At Chesterfield handle is wrapped into a tight roll, resembling volutes capitals classical columns.
  • Unobtrusive feet.
  • The best classic versions are the skin, white, cream, ivory, black, brown, maroon or dark green. These colors are enough to put the bed in any room, regardless of its purpose, whether it is living room, study, library or bedroom.
  • Luxurious velvet upholstery.

Exterior features Chesterfield sofas

  • The diamond stitch, which was decorated with buttons into the material the French technique of “Capito”).It was to stitch a uniform distribution of filler couch. Today, thanks to the use of modern materials, it has become worn mainly decorative. Partly this technique made the sofa so popular and recognizable.
  • Today you can find models that combine quilted and smooth surface, which visually adds sofa massiveness and solidity.

The apparent advantage of this immortal works of furniture art is its beauty on all sides. This allows you to place the sofa and the wall, and in the middle of the room. This creates a certain comfort during rest and gives a sense of security

As for style, then for almost every decision you can pick up your best Quality Chester.” Of course it is a traditional English-style. However, you can select also   other styles (Neo-Baroque, Shabby chic, modern, loft, Empire and others.) Authentic Furniture the best Handmade British furniture recommended to select modern and modified versions.