New Technology: Non- Surgical Facelift Scotland

Being unhappy with your skin, either with age or damage, it can really bring down your confidence. Plastic surgery Glasgow has been the answer for a vast amount of people due to its amazing results. Plastic surgeons have come a long way in the development and practices they use to transform a face. Non- surgical treatments have become increasingly popular as they offer the same, if not better, results than surgical treatments. If you are thinking about getting a skin treatment Glasgow, then this guide will tell you everything you need to know about non-surgical facelift Edinburgh.

The Benefits of a Non- Surgical Facelift Edinburgh

This non-surgical facelift Scotland is non- invasive, meaning that it leaves minimal scarring and recovery time. The biggest benefit of this skin treatment Glasgow is that it is a truly simple and minimal way to lift the skin. If your skin is old and lost its life, then a non-surgical facelift Edinburgh is for you. Compared to the previous method of non-surgical facelifts, this way is much kinder to your skin. The thread lift techniques would make small incisions behind the hairline and the ears. Then the plastic surgeon Scotland would lift the skin through these incisions. This method would leave small scarring and significant bruising, as well as swelling. The old method of non-surgical facelifts Scotland would require a vast amount of recovery time. This cannot be anything like the new method used for non-surgical facelifts. No cutting or scarring occurs with this new technique. As well as this, there is practically no downtime and you get back to your daily activities the next day!

New Technology: Non- Surgical Facelift Scotland

What Happens After the Facelift Scotland?

After the treatment, your plastic surgeon Scotland will ensure that it has gone successfully and that your face has been transformed. Immediately after the plastic surgery Scotland you will have needle marks on each side of your face. However, this is perfectly normal and should die down in 24 hours. The marks are nothing that makes up cannot cover!

You may also experience some bruising and swelling around the injected areas. Nevertheless, this only lasts for a short while and will calm down in a few days. For this first week, you may find that your face is tender if needed paracetamol will help. Make sure that this procedure is carried out by someone who has botox training.

The plastic surgeon that carried out you skin treatment may want a follow-up treatment to check that everything is where is should be and healing correctly.

New Technology: Non- Surgical Facelift Scotland

What Results to Expect from Your Non-Surgical Facelift Edinburgh

The result from a non-surgical facelift will be noticeable immediately. Your skin will be brand new and you will instantly have a youthful glow around you. As well as this, your confidence will be boosted as you will now feel comfortable in your own skin. Age can bring us all down, as our skin become old and lifeless. However, there is no need to worry! A plastic surgeon Scotland would save the day.

Your non-surgical facelift Scotland should last for longer than you may think. This temporary skin treatment can last up to 18 months before another treatment is needed.