Ideas For Basement Renovation On A Budget

Many homes have basements which are not being used for their full potential.  In fact; they often become the collecting point for unfinished projects and all the items that you should have got rid of but didn’t.

However, all this does is fill your basement and waste valuable space in your home.  A basement renovation can transform your home; giving you a much larger living area and the opportunity to sort all these items.  It is likely that a quality basement renovation will add value to your home, but, the best reason for doing this is simply to improve your quality of life by providing more space.

Ideally, you should contact Dynamic Basement Renovations and discuss the basement renovation job with them.  They can guide you through the process from start to finish and complete the job.  The alternative is to complete your basement renovation on a budget; this means you will need to do some of the work and the professionals will do everything else:

Clear Out

Before anything can be started you will need to clear your basement.  It will be time to be harsh.  If you have not used what is in the basement, throw it away; unless you can sell it or it is a sentimental item.  Ideally you should not need to keep things stored in your basement in the future.  If you think you might need to then this must be factored into your basement renovation plan.

Save Money on the Floor

A great way to make the floor look great without spending a fortune is to buy concrete stain.  This can be put directly onto the concrete and even create the effect of a tiled floor rather than just a painted surface. You will need a stencil or masking tape to create the grout lines whilst you stain the rest.

Instead of concrete stain you can use concrete paint which will have a similar effect.  It is important to verify that your floor already has a damp proof course; you do not want your new rooms getting damp!

Build the Walls

If your walls are made of concrete blocks then you can consider painting them.  However, the trick is to paint them slightly different shades; this draws your eye to the pattern and not the bricks; allowing you to create the illusion of a tiled or even papered floor.

An alternative is to paint the walls one color and then cover large swaths of the wall with curtains.  This can create a stunning effect.

If you prefer the natural approach, cladding is an inexpensive option although you may like to try sticking pieces of pallet to the walls; it can create an impressive look.

Dividing the Room

If the basement renovation is intended to involve several rooms then you can easily create temporary dividing walls by adding long curtains, or by bolting pallets together to create a wall.  Providing the pallets are sanded smooth you can then paint them or stain them and you will have excellent interior walls; even if you only see them as temporary.

There are many other ways of completing your basement renovation on a budget; you just need a little imagination!