James Franco Untold Stories and Net Worth

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Name: James Franco ( James Edward Franco )
Born: April 19, 1978
Age: 40 years old
Birthplace: Palo Alto, USA
Height: 180
Occupation: actor, film director, screenwriter, writer
Tags: film, writer, actor, director, screenwriter
Relationship Status: single


Who is James Franco?

James Franco is a professional American actor, film director, screenwriter and producer. Artist and writer, film production teacher at New York University, James Franco was born in Palo Alto, California. Doug Franco, James’s father, came from Portugal and ran a Silicon Valley business. Betsy Verne, the mother of the future movie star, was Jewish. It is known that the woman’s parents immigrated from Russia.

Betsy wrote poems, novels, and also worked as an editor at various publishing houses. James also has two younger brothers – Tom and David. The brothers try to communicate as often as possible. David became an actor, better known as Dave Franco.

James Franco in childhood and now
James Franco in childhood and now

James studied at school, but it is difficult to call his childhood easy. At the age of 13, the boy had problems with the police for the first time. Over the next two years, the teenager was repeatedly arrested for drinking alcohol, graffiti and stealing perfume in the shopping center. For some time the boy was even a ward of the state. After that, he began to study well and stopped violating the law.

He graduated from Palo Alto High School, where he studied mathematics and even worked at a significant American aircraft building corporation Lockheed Martin. Besides, James participated in all school plays.

James and Dave Franco

After graduating from school in 1996, James Franco entered the University of California, Los Angeles, where he planned to specialize in English and literature. But James studied for one year at the university and took acting lessons with Robert Carnegie at the Playhouse West. Nevertheless, already starring in films, Franco returned to the university, and in 2008, he got a bachelor’s degree.

Also, the future actor graduated from Columbia University, majoring in “Dramaturgy” and New York University, where the man studied directing. Another James Franco received the diploma of the College of North Carolina, where he studied poetry and literary creativity.

James Franco Films

James Franco starred in television films and series such as “Pacific Blue,” “1997”, “To Serve and Protect,” “Profiler” and others. The actor got his first main role in the teenage TV series “Freaks and Geeks.” Franco starred in 18 episodes of this film, but the film did not become popular. So the biography of the actor in cinema has begun.

On the big screen, the actor made his debut in the drama “Never Been Kissed,” and played the first prominent role in the youth comedy “Whatever It Takes ” in 2000.

The actor became famous at the beginning of the new millennium. In 2001, James starred in the biographical picture “James Dean,” which tells about the childhood and adolescence of the famous American actor. For his deep understanding of the psychology of the famous man, Franco received many positive reviews from film critics. The actor was also awarded the Golden Globe Award and was nominated for the Emmy and the Screen Actors Guild.

Even more successful was Franco’s role of Harry Osborn in the film adaptation of the 2002 Spider-Man comics. In 2004 and 2007, two more parts of the film were released, where James showed his talent.

In order not to become an actor of one role, Franco starred in different genres. At the beginning of the 21st century, he appeared in the psychological drama “City by the Sea” along with Robert De Niro, the military action drama “The Great Raid,” the melodrama “Tristan & Isolde” and the military sports drama “Annapolis.” It is interesting, in 2006, James completed training for his Private Pilot License for the filming in the action movie “Flyboys.”

In 2008, another successful film – the comedy “Pineapple Express “- for which James Franco was nominated for the Golden Globe, was released. And for the secondary role of Scott Smith in the biographical picture “Milk,” the actor received The Independent Spirit Awards. Film critics and viewers appreciated these roles.

James Franco Untold Stories and Net Worth

The latest notable works in the filmography of the young actor were the comic thriller “The Interview” and the adaptation of William Faulkner’s novel “The Sound and the Fury.” Also in 2009, James Franco made his debut as a director in the short film “The Feast Of Stephen.”

For this work at the 60th Berlin Film Festival, the actor received the Teddy Award. In 2013, the film “The Mockery of James Franco” was released. Comedies have become one of the most important works in his acting career.

James Franco and Seth Rogen
James Franco and Seth Rogen

In November of the same year, James Franco, along with the famous screenwriter Seth Rogen, made a parody of Kanye West‘s “Bound 2” video.

James Franco Personal life

For more than four years, since 1999, James Franco had relations with the actress Marla Sokoloff. Then about a year, the actor was dating the model, Ashley Hartman.

Since the beginning of 2006, the actress Ahna O’Reilly appeared in the life of the man. The couple was dating for five years, but at the end of 2011, they announced the termination of the relationship. James and Anna called one of the main reasons for the breakup, the small amount of time that they could spend with each other because of the busy schedule.

James Franco and Ahna O’Reilly

In addition to the career of an actor and director, James mastered his writing skills. Several literary works of Franco are already published – “Palo Alto: Stories,” “A California Childhood,” “Dangerous Book Four Boys,” “Actors Anonymous,” “Directing Herbert White: Poems” and “Strongest of the Litter.”

James Franco is the face of the perfume company Gucci and advertises their fragrance Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme.

Lana Del Rey and James Franco
Lana Del Rey and James Franco

In the press, more than once appeared information that James Franco is gay because the actor played a lot of gays and bisexuals. Franco called his interest to gay culture as “an artistic predilection for homosexuality.” He meant his films and his roles in the projects of other directors. The actor himself considers such rumors a part of the image.

In an interview, Franco has repeatedly said that he admires the talent of the singer Lana Del Rei. According to the actor, he is ready to write a book about the famous girl, and also dreams of marrying her.

James Franco nowadays

In 2016, the movie “Why Him?” was released. The new comedy by John Hamburg tells about the meeting of the head of the family with his daughter’s boyfriend – eccentric millionaire from Silicon Valley Laird Mayhew (played by James Franco).

Also in 2016, James Franco appeared in the film “Alien: Covenant.” The actor got the role of Jacob Branson, the captain of “Covenant. “The film tells of a spacecraft crew who discovered a planet that is an unknown “Paradise.” It is a sequel to the movie “Prometheus” and the 5th film of a fantastic franchise about the alien universe. The director of the long-awaited film was Ridley Scott, who shot the first part of the famous action movie in 1979.

Fans of the actor said that in the film there are not many episodes with Franco, and in the video to the film, James appeared only a few times. Scott had to cut a lot of episodes: the prehistory of the colonists, as well as the entire line with David and Shaw. Then he decided to include these scenes in the form of teasers to the film.

James is 180 cm. He looks very well and draws attention to modern fashion trends.

James Franco Untold Stories and Net Worth

In 2016, James Franco surprised the fans, because he dyed his hair in pink and turquoise colors. Franco published the photo on the Instagram. In the biography of James Franco, this is not the first experiment. Before that, the actor dyed his hair in red, because the actor participated in the video of Riff Raff. Fans still call the participation of Franco in such a video a complete failure.

In May 2017, the media reported that the American fashion house Coach signed a contract with James Franco. The actor became the face of the new male perfume Coach for men.

Stuart Vevers, the creative director of the house, commented on this appointment.

“James is the quintessential-cool Coach guy. There are a challenge and danger in him. He is attentive, creative and energetic. Franco is the embodiment of many references of American style.”

James Franco Filmography

  • 2001 – James Dean
  • 2002 – Spider-Man
  • 2002 – City by the Sea
  • 2005 – The Great Raid
  • 2006 – Tristan & Isolde
  • 2007 – 2012 – General Hospital
  • 2008 – Pineapple Express
  • 2008 – Milk
  • 2011 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  • 2013 – Oz the Great and Powerful
  • 2014 – The Interview
  • 2014 – The Sound and the Fury
  • 2016 – In Dubious Battle
  • 2017 – Alien: Covenant


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