Improve Employee Productivity Levels with BYOD

Not too long ago, business people did everything by hand. They wrote notes with a pen and paper. They called potential clients. They drew their own flow charts for the weekly business meeting, but that has all changed now. Now, people type up their notes on their laptop and they shoot emails back and forth as another means of communication with potential clients. Thanks to the advancement of technology, businesses all over are welcoming their employee’s to BYOD, better known as Bring-Your-Own-Devices.
Flexibility: Is It Safe?
Due to the advancement of technology, a person dedicated to the business world can now continue to work even after the office is closed. They can send emails through their smart phones, access the business server for data in the comfort of their own home on their notebook, tablet PC or mobile phone. They can even use these devices in their office. Even though this makes your company more productive, it doesn’t mean that your files are safe. On a physical desktop or laptop, there are plenty of dangers that come with using the internet. This is no different from accessing the internet via smart phone or other mobile device, except there are different strains of dangers that internet security experts are learning about.
Can Businesses Protect Their Files From Attacks?
The answer is yes. However, it requires their employees to choose to take advantage of Bring-Your-Own- Device to know how to take responsibility. It’s a privilege to be able to use mobile devices for work, it’s not a right. It’s smart to suggest that department supervisors host monthly meetings on how to keep business information safe from being attacked by a malicious threat. Your employees need to install internet security programs on their mobile devices before they can access your company’s server to block potential threats. It wouldn’t even be a bad idea to promote your employees to use a designated device for business only. For example, one of your employees prefers to use a tablet for work. Encourage this employee to use that tablet for work purposes only, not for leisurely things like surfing the internet or playing online games. This helps decrease potential attacks drastically.
The Business’ Responsibility
Allowing employees to use their own devices for work purposes is a very trusting gesture. But, be smart and don’t assume that every employee will follow the asked guidelines for using their own devices. All it takes is one employee to get a virus from a site they visited or an email they received from a friend to start wreaking havoc on your server. The best way to be smart and protect your business is to download security software like OfficeScan from Trend Micro. This company is one of the most innovative internet security software companies available today. Their software program allows you to be able to choose which device you want your employees to use. For example, if you prefer tablets over smart phones for your employees to access the server. Receive your free trial today at Trend Micro’s official website and see how easy it is to protect your business files.