How To Utilize Colour To Enhance Your Cabinet Refacing

The kitchen is one of the most vital spaces in a home, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. If you have a kitchen with the 70’s kind of design and look, it’s absolutely time it got a new look. If you are not looking to completely replace your cabinet, then cabinet refacing offers you the more affordable, less stressful and eco-friendly option, with assured quality. The Contractors Inc is the most reliable cabinet refacing professional serving Virginia, Maryland and the District of Colombia.

Reinvent Your Kitchen With Cabinet Refacing

You don’t have to spend a fortune for cabinet refacing compared to a total kitchen remodel; you have a wide range of styles, colors and designs to choose from. Guaranteeing you the same results as a complete remodel at a fraction of the time and price, the old framework would be veneered to give it a new appearance as opposed to a complete replacement. Contact the refacing experts- the Contractors Inc.

Creating Your Own Style, For a Cohesive Home Look

Cabinet refacing allows you to choose from a variety of wood species, door cuts, door colors and styles. You will be inspired to refresh the rest of your home once your kitchen has a new up-to-date style, customized by you! With the money you save with cabinet refacing, you will have the opportunity to use those funds elsewhere in your home such as painting your walls, or installing new floors.

Cabinet refacing can be performed in both residential and commercial settings. It is the best and most affordable way of enhancing the looks of your worn, outdated cabinetry. Give your outdated kitchen a modern look at one-third the cost of installing a new cabinet with cabinet refacing. The process is easy and less difficult especially when done by a professional. The refacing process involves replacing the outdated doors and drawer fronts with new ones, which in turn, gives your cabinet a more sophisticated look.

Cabinet refacing is customizable, you are in control! You can show of your china or glass collection with glass doors. If you’re going for shabby chic- we have mirror doors. If you are looking for the full-door coverage that a European style offers, we can accommodate that as well.

The concern of many homeowners is this: you need newly updated cabinets, yet have recently installed new countertops that you want to keep. While this is possible with replacing the cabinets- it is risky. With cabinet refacing your kitchen stays intact, meaning the countertops stay put!

Cabinet refacing, more importantly, helps you save money that you would have used on a complete remodel. For a fraction of the cost you are still getting quality work, the look you desire while being eco-friendly!