How to Track Your Bike Using Technology

Since bikes are stolen so frequently, an anti-theft device is needed. In the UK, only five percent of the bikes stolen every minute are recovered. Even bikes with chunky locks stored in well-lit places are not safe from a thief. There are other safeguards designed to prevent theft, but there is nothing as effective as a GPS system to improve the chances of recovery. Here are some ways to track your bike with a GPS:

1. Faux Rear Bike Light

A faux rear bike light may be mounted onto the bike to track the bike and keep it from being stolen. If the bike starts into motion when the owner is away from the bike, a message will be sent to the cell phone, and the authorities can help expedite the recovery of the bike. The device contains a vibration sensor, GPS chip and a mobile phone to help with the retrieval process. Most thieves are not aware of the device because it is well-camouflaged.

Many police officers have used this device to catch bike thieves. They place bikes called “honey traps” around the city and arrest people who steal them. Each time a bike is stolen, the location showed up on Google Maps. These devices are quite effective and have helped officers catch numerous thieves. If you have an expensive bike, this device is worth the investment.

2. Camera Inside of Bicycle Steering Tube

A camera inside of a bicycle steering tube can help to track a bicycle thief and identify the thief. If there is any sort of vibration, a text message will be sent to the bike owner. The bike can be tracked via map to any location. This device will improve recovery efforts by the police. This device is inconspicuous and will not be detected by unsuspecting thieves.

3. Other GPS Devices

GPS devices come in all shapes and forms. GPS software is important to the full operation of the device. After the software and device are purchased, attach the GPS device to the bike. Many people will not hide the GPS system, but will attach it in a place that will deter stealers. The serial to USB connection cable extracts information from the device if it should be needed at a future date.

A conspicuous GPS system can also help the biker avoid being lost. Biking in the mountains or in other locations is difficult without a GPS system to help guide the way. When you purchase a conspicuous GPS, it can serve multiple purposes.

Track Your Bike to Improve Recovery Efforts

If you want to deter thieves from stealing your bike, consider using a GPS system. These systems make tracking easy and affordable. There are several companies online that offer this type of service. Consider purchasing a GPS tracking device for your bike. It is worth the investment.
Written by Kelly H.
Kelly has worked at several bike shops in Perth after she retired from a professional sportswoman. Living the life as a triathlete for five years, she knows thoroughly how the food you eat and the life you lead can change your energy level immensely.