How To Maintain Concrete Floor?

Concrete may appear to be quite indestructible. It is obviously tough, heavy and can last for a long time. However, concrete can still be vulnerable to damage, especially if we use it as flooring material. Concrete floors are often used for basement and garage. Thanks to the latest developments, homeowners can now take advantage of various concrete protection solutions. After subjected to a prolonged use, concrete can break, crack and chip. For this reason, we should apply concrete coatings to the surface, so we can have a strong barrier against water and any spill. This is especially important in the garage that can potentially be exposed to grease, old and gasoline. Depending on our locations, weather may wreak havoc on our concrete floors. Exterior concrete surface could get wet on early winter, freeze and thaw. This cycle could be repeated many times during winter and early spring. Without proper care, such a condition may greatly shorten the life of any concrete floor.

The first thing we need to do before winter arrives is to clean the concrete floor and find a way to prevent water from permeating its surface. Concrete with waterproofed surface can have much longer life and require much less repairs after a few years. There are many coating solutions available in the market and they should be able to protect concrete against normal wear and tear. Concrete surface with coating is also more attractive with its gloss or matte finish. We may also add some subtle color, such as stony grey or brown. With proper application, we could actually make concrete floor as one of the decorative elements of our garden and interior. Some coating can be absorbed by the concrete, making it more resilient and stronger against stains and physical damages.

The floor still needs regular cleaning after we apply the coating, so it will stay great for many years to come. There are different types of concrete cleaners we can use. It should also be noted that concrete coating could also be damaged, so we could apply additional layer of coating regularly to keep the concrete protected. Many times, the whole task can be defined as a DIY project, because applying coating is something that many homeowners can do. But it is important to make the right choices, so we can get professional quality results that look attractive and are durable. Ask experienced people for coating materials that can protect our concrete floors.

Concrete is typically cold, so if we plan to convert our basement into an extra living space, it is important to put some kind of carpet to make it feel more comfortable. Carpets could also protect our concrete from physical damages and it will survive any kind of high traffic situation. Repairing damaged concrete in the basement is something that we should never do, because it can be expensive and cause plenty of disruption. We can also apply some coating on the interior concrete floor to give more protection.

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