Communicate Wirelessly Across 300 Feet Area With Wireless Headset From Plantronics

In the modern world of business, everything moves at a rapid pace and the proper sort of resources is necessary in order to keep up with the competition, especially in the field of technology and mobility. Plantronics plans to offer customers the best wireless headset solutions that will help them stay in touch at all times while they move around the office. The wireless headsets may serve a wide range of purposes, ranging from conferencing with a colleague to sending a fax, long-distance conversations to grabbing a file. The wireless headset kits from Plantronics have advanced features which provide customers with the freedom of portability and movability, allowing them to roam up to 300 feet wirelessly without being attached to any sort of cord.

Communicate Wirelessly Across 300 Feet Area With Wireless Headset From Plantronics

Product Specification

Plantronics has released an entire bunch of wireless headsets that cater to the various needs of the customers, including wireless headsets for the computer, wireless kits for the residential phone and office phone. The company has even launched unique wireless headsets for cell phones and so, customers have the opportunity to choose what sort of product they must purchase in order to fulfill their requirement. The wireless headsets are easy to install and businesses and companies that avail these products will not have to spend a lot of money hiring professionals to set up these devices.

The instructions are provided with the items and they are easy to handle. Most wireless headsets from Plantronics, no matter what the type, boasts of efficient design and efficient features that guarantee great performance. They are durable indicating that users do not have to worry about their use. Being wireless, they are mobile and can easily be carried with the customer.

Special Features

Plantronics has taken great care to ensure that the wearers of the wireless devices do not feel any sort of discomfort even after using the products for an extended period of time. The company has intentionally made the size and design of the headset smaller and more lightweight without sacrificing any aspect in terms of comfort and durability. The quality of the cables is flexible which means that they provide stability and the new single cable helps the user make quick calls with the headset.

Calls can now be answered faster thanks to the unique features of the wireless headset and most of the models of the wireless headset come equipped with a microphone boom. This contains a bendable click stop which makes it highly convenient and easier for the user to stay in position while transmitting a clear voice. The headset reduces any noise in the background so that the wearer of the product is not disturbed during a call. The new headset models remain compatible with agent consoles, USB-to-headset adapters and phones.


Customers can now choose from a wide variety of wireless headset models from Plantronics, each developed with different specifications and varying in terms of price. The products tend to range from computer headsets to total wireless systems, cordless amplifiers to wireless Bluetooth headsets. The company is even involved in the manufacture of wireless headset parts.