Simple Changes Around The Home That Sell a Property

Homeowners are proud of their properties. They can customize the space to their desires, from unique accent walls to additional electrical outlets. Making space your own, however, doesn’t necessarily turn the property into a selling machine. Try a few upgrades that will practically sell the home for you. Simplicity is always the key in these situations.

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets may be decades old, but they’re still completely functional. Give them new life by adding color to the surface. White, gray or beige will work in almost any home. Be sure to clean and sand your cabinets before applying the paint too. Clean and roughened-up surfaces absorb the color with ease.

This project will take some time, depending on the kitchen’s size. However, the kitchen tends to sell the home when buyers come around. If they like the kitchen, the rest of the home will look more attractive as a result.

Improving the Garage Floor

The garage is typically overlooked as a space for upgrading and selling. Surprise your visitors by adding epoxy flooring. This material attaches to the substrate with ease. The floor suddenly has a sleek appearance without too much investment on your part.

With epoxy flooring, you can drive and park a car on it without worrying about damage. Your garage floor will actually be stronger than ever before with this installation.

Adding Crown Molding

If you’ve ever tried to paint your walls and ceilings before, the transition between these two points is difficult to cover. Different colors might bleed into each other. Take away any painting frustrations by adding crown molding to the wall-and-ceiling transitions. The decorative wood is a focal point, but it’s also a cover for any rogue paint that didn’t stay in the lines.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. DIY projects with these tips in mind can be easily completed in only a few days. Put some hard work into the home, and it will respond with a selling price that catches the breath.