How to Insert Music Into The Nintendo DSi

Good morning everyone. I think we all know the Nintendo DSi, the Nintendo handheld console at home with all its features. Most of you have access to the Nintendo dsi xl and for that reason you are mostly up to date with the technology, but what happens if you have the old Nintendo DSi and you want to listen to some music?  Among the many there is the possibility of listening to music through the application “DSi sound” … the problem is one: The console does not read our beloved mp3 files, but the AAC and MPEG-4. This guide will show you how to convert our favorite mp3s, very common in MPEG-4 files.
The first thing to do is to download a free program called “WinnFF” (HERE) and install it on your computer. Start it and click on “Add” in the upper left, choose the file in mp3 and in the “Convert to …” click on “MPEG-4” instead of the string “Device Profile” we “MP4 Full screen”. You can then choose the destination folder and you’re pretty much done.
Once you convert the file, insert the micro sd card to the computer and copy the song just converted in the root of the ticket. Let’s put this in the nintendo dsi and … enjoy your listening
If was not very clear in words here is a video that shows all the processes in more details: