Best Themes and Plugins for Ecommerce

WordPress an excellent platform for building websites, even if a website needs advanced features like maps, payment processing, or product listings. In fact, WordPress is one of the best free ecommerce platforms in the world, especially for beginners who do not have a lot of coding or web design experience. WordPress lets even the most amateur webmaster build beautiful and powerful ecommerce websites through themes, plugins, widgets, and other tools, which are all only a few clicks away. While not all ecommerce themes and plugins are free, the following are some of the best WordPress themes and plugins for ecommerce that can be obtained on a moderate budget.
GetShopped is a WordPress ecommerce plugin that can be customized to match the appearance of any theme and includes built-in options that allow webmasters to completely customize how the plugin works. With over a dozen payment processing gateways to choose from, a streamlined checkout process, and built-in shipping features available, GetShopped is completely free, but can be upgraded by purchasing add-ons for additional functionality.
WP e-Commerce
WP e-Commerce is a very popular free WordPress ecommerce plugin that includes everything a webmaster needs to launch an online store. The plugin can be used with virtually any theme and in conjunction with other plugins, supports any installed widget, and is entirely search engine friendly. WP e-Commerce also features numerous payment gateways, as well as the ability to create your own payment gateway from scratch, and allows users to control everything about their online product catalog, from how products are displayed to how shipping prices are calculated. WP-ecommerce also features marketing options, such as the ability to create coupons and discounts, and is loaded with step-by-step tutorials and other instructions to help users get started.
MarketPress is a premium WordPress ecommerce plugin, developed by WPMUDev, which has been referred to as the single greatest ecommerce solution for WordPress in existence. In addition to the other features expected in an ecommerce plugin, MarketPress allows users to create a network of stores by using the multisite feature of WordPress in order to create an EBay-style platform, with products that can also be linked to external sources like Amazon Affiliates. MarketPress gives users complete control over their products and listings and includes both analytics support as well as tax recording options. Because of the popularity of MarketPress, WPMUDEV was kind enough to offer a Lite version of the plugin for free.
Cart66 is a powerful ecommerce plugin for WordPress that allows users to sell both physical and digital goods, such as e-books and other downloadable content. Cart66 also includes support for special discounts, coupons, and other promotions, as well as the ability to add variants to products, such as a t-shirt that is available in different sizes or colors for different prices. Cart66 also allows users to setup member-only pages, in which customers have to pay to get access to content.

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