How To Create The Perfect Family Kitchen

Building a kitchen is more than just putting together a selection of cooking appliances to create a functional room where one person performs all the cooking tasks at home. The modern day kitchen is like the kitchens of centuries past, the central hub of the entire home, the beating heartbeat where an entire family can come together to cook, to chat, to eat and to be merry. If you are in the process of creating a kitchen that is perfect for your family there are a few things to consider, is it a place where you do wish to entertain, as well as cook, should there be space to relax and eat, with room for the children to be around too? Creating a multifunctional hub of the home is a great way to look at your new kitchen; here are a few options for you to consider to make that dream a reality.

Putting Together a Kitchen Budget 

First off, think carefully about what you need from a kitchen. Although you may want it to be multifunctional it has to pass the test primarily as a kitchen and food preparation area. Will it cater for food prep at all times of day, serving breakfasts, making lunch and dinner and the occasional snack? Once you have a list of what you need, added to what you desire, you can start to put together a budget for your perfect family kitchen.

Creating a Space for all the Family 

If you do wish to create a space in the home for all the family to congregate, you will need the kitchen to be of a certain size and shape. Creating a large enough space for a kitchen is a popular task in modern day homes, with home extensions used regularly as a way of opening up a home and adding an extra space to be used as a family meeting place (the kitchen in many cases). Kitchen areas like this are full of light, creating a warm and welcoming space for all the family.

Choosing the Right Design and Appliances 

For some households an island in the middle of the kitchen provides a cooking space and food preparation area whilst opening out the entire room around it. This type of design lends itself to family gatherings in a casual sense. For others, having space for a dining table provides a more formal setting for big family meals; a traditional design, or a curved kitchen would provide this space. Choosing the right kitchen appliances and surfaces is down to personal choice, with a wide range of options available from ultra-modern sleek design, to traditional kitchenware and cookers.

Storage Space 

Every family needs storage! The bigger the family unit, the more storage required in the kitchen. Built-in drawers and under-the-counter shelving (some can be pulled out as part of the design) offer you the chance to be clever and creative with your storage solutions without compromising the design or making the kitchen look too cluttered.

These are just a few areas to consider when creating the perfect family kitchen

Marcus Fairy