How To Create A Sense Of Community In Your Apartment Complex

Creating and fostering a genuine sense of community in your apartment complex is not just a nice thing to do for your tenants. Rather, it makes your property a uniquely attractive place to live. As such, tenants will be willing to pay more for rent than their square footage would suggest. Here’s 3 tips to help you develop an authentically organic sense of community in your complex.

#1. Host Community Events

Some may roll their eyes when they read this because, as busy as they are managing their property, they wouldn’t have any time to host a seeming frivolous event. However, the property manager does not have to be the one to host the event or even spend any time organizing it. Instead, all they have to do is metaphorically hand over the keys to one or a few of their socially-oriented tenants. Many tenants would be happy to organize and facilitate barbecues, game nights, pool parties, Monday Night Football viewings, movie nights, pick-up sports games, or anything else to get people together. All you have to do is give a select tenants the space and platform to do it. Also, utilize social media to advertise the events.

#2. Plant a Community Garden

Build it, and they will come. If you provide a little plot of soil somewhere on your property where anyone can plant flowers, fruits, and vegetables, your tenants will happily create a beautiful garden in no time. Keep a few basic gardening tools in your office or a storage closet that your tenants can check out to use.

#3. Create a Community Facebook Page

A community Facebook page for your tenants to join is a simple yet terrific way to establish dialogue and lay the foundation for your community to develop. It provides a space to share community events and also gives tenants an online community bulletin board.

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