How to Properly Contact a Lawyer?

Many potential clients may have complaints about specific lawyers, however, it is possible that they don’t know to contact lawyers properly. Potential clients may find out that many lawyers are less inclined to return their email or calls. In reality, lawyers don’t want to talk with someone who seeks to fish around for free advices by calling a dozen of lawyers. Lawyers generally agree to handle short inquiries with potential clients, but they are busy and can’t spend more time discussing with people who are not client yet. In this case, people should show their willingness to work with the client and they need to have viable cases. People should be respectful of lawyers’ time.

Firing off dozens of email to many lawyers is even worse and it’s disrespectful to send an email filled with dozens of email address to multiple lawyers. It’s clear that the sender doesn’t even bother to send personalized email for each lawyer. Reliable lawyers won’t respond to such emails and if some do respond, we can’t guarantee whether they can be depended upon. Lawyers also need to deal with many scam emails and it’s hard for them to determine which one is legitimate. When contacting a lawyer, we should be respectful of his valuable time. Let’s do the math. A lawyer responds to 20 emails and calls each day from potential clients, while spending about 10 minutes each. It means that the lawyers could spend more than 3 hours each day for a potentially unproductive task.

Lawyers have a business to run to and each hour each day is valuable, especially if they are dealing with crucial cases. We shouldn’t take their valuable time free of charge. Lawyers need to do many things behind the scenes and after we show how serious we are, we could check how they work. We should be able to show that we are able to trust clients. It is important to be aware that lawyers can’t guarantee the success of a case and they won’t have a successful career if they continue to fail. Lawyers need to know how to measure how time can be used properly and their inability to do that can result in their client’s overall detriment. Real courtroom experience is really different compared to those televised courtroom settings.

Clients know that life in general isn’t fair and they need to dedicate much effort on many different things. It’s not the responsibility of a lawyer to provide advices free of charge. It is important to know that lawyers also want to get paid so they can pay their bills, especially because they have limited time each day. If lawyers want to progress far in the legal process, they need to make sure to make the least mistakes and one of them is by focusing on more prospective potential clients.

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