How To Clean Your Home After Flood

You don’t always get lucky having luxurious houses and apartments in tall concrete buildings. People living in North America face troubles of floods during spring. Government authorities inform residents to evacuate and head for safe places. That’s easy, but the next part is quite cumbersome. You have to come back and clean your house.

There are plenty of professional cleaning services in Toronto that you can hire. In fact, is the best place where you can get all kinds of cleaning services at reasonable prices. But what if you cannot access such professionals, and had to do it on your own. Toronto cleaning service has provided us with some basic steps for home restoration after flood.

Wooden Frames Can Be Restored

According to the experts, “Anyone who has experienced flood, in any case, should not despair, as the house can be restored. And a lot of works to restore the house are much simpler than it seems at first sights.”

This is especially true for frame houses, in which the wooden frame is used, as the wood not only perfectly absorbs water, but is also able to give it back to the environment and dry out again. Wood always contains a certain amount of water.

  • It should be prevented from drying out completely, otherwise it will become fragile and brittle.
  • It can be concluded that if the wooden structure got wet – then the wood should be dried again. And it should be done as soon as possible.
  • If soaked design structure will not be soon opened, then mold, mildew or even rot appear as a logical consequence.

Inspection of Building Frame

It is possible that you should have to take drastic measures to enhance and strengthen the supporting structure of the building frame. For example, whether the deformation of wood is visible or is there any damage of foundation. When this issue was clarified, you can begin the restoration of house frame and premises cleanup.

Remove the Covering

  • Soaked cover materials must be removed and then the insulation is removed.
  • When removing the covering you should work carefully as changes in entire surface structure and its static characteristics may occur.
  • So you cannot change the whole planking immediately, you should to do it step by step, one bar after another.
  • You also will need to remove the floors, up to the base and replace the plate seamless or self-leveling floor.

This work should be done regardless whether it is a frame or usual house.

Thorough Cleanup

  • Now, you can hire cleaning service Toronto to remove dirt with the help of high-pressure cleaning machine or a garden hose.
  • Water used in cleaning process is not harmful for construction as long as it acts only on the surface and evaporates quickly.
  • Dehumidification can last several weeks, depending on how long the house stood in the water during the flood and how quickly restoration works has begun.
  • Good ventilation and the use of additional fans facilitate rapid drying.


Your house can be cleaned and restored after flood. That might take some time, but after completing the work, you’ll be relieved to see an entirely new home.