Reduce Improvement Costs by Professionally Cleaning Carpets

There’s no doubt that carpets are prone to every possible mess; be it stains, pet damage, spills, dirt and whatever else comes along with your shoes. But carpet replacement isn’t the ultimate solution, and definitely not the most cost effective one! What is the guarantee that the newly purchased carpet will not be a victim of stains or dust mites? There’s none, of course! So instead of paying a hefty amount for new carpets save time and money by cleaning your existing ones!

Homeowners often face the dilemma of choosing between the options of carpet replacement and carpet cleaning, because most of them are unaware of the benefits of getting their carpets professionally steam cleaned. A Washington carpet cleaning company wants to take the mystery out of the process and explain the benefits.

Steam Cleaning is the Key!

Steam cleaning is the best methods of carpet cleaning and the only approved method by major carpet manufacturers to maintain warranty status. Professional steam cleaning uses steam to both sanitize and clean your carpet, removing all the grimy contaminants from the carpet, making it look new again. Although, professional carpet cleaning can be done through a variety of methods the most hygienic and beneficial is professional steam cleaning. Many carpet cleaning companies on the market use a method of dry cleaning and buffing carpet, however this method is not as beneficial because it can only remove the dust and dirt buildup that is present on the upper surface of the carpet, and does not penetrate below the surface of the carpet where stains and odors are located. Steam cleaning does wonders by removing the ground in carpet stains, pet and human hair, pet dander, allergens and the harmful dust mites breeding deep inside the carpet. Not just this, but steam cleaning also proves to be favorable in removing unpleasant pet odor from the carpets, making them smell refreshing again.

Carpet Replacement Tends to be Costly

What do you do if an area of your house gets damaged by any means? Do you opt for home remodeling or do you purchase a new home? Most will agree that going with the remodeling option is the most logical choice! The same goes for your old carpets as well. Replacing the carpet instead of cleaning it tends to be quite costly and can be time consuming because you have the expense of buying new carpet and having it installed. Just as home improvement is necessary to keep the beauty of your home, carpets also need to be cleaned every now and then to prevent them from becoming a habitat for bacteria and pollutants. In the end getting your carpets professionally cleaned will save you money over replacing carpets, and add years of life to your homes carpet.

Save Money

It’s a general perception among people that carpet maintenance is pricier than buying a new carpet. Well, that’s not the case! Maintaining your expensive carpet is not difficult and with a couple carpet cleanings a year can maintain their splendor for years. Cheap cleaning methods or DIY procedures won’t be able to keep your carpet spick and span for more than a few months, not to mention they only address surface issues and these methods could void your manufacturer’s warranty. Steam cleaning your carpet professionally can increase its life up to 5 to 10 years, saving the money you would otherwise spend on it.

Long story short, professional carpet cleaning is that essential element of home maintenance which cannot be overlooked. So make a wise decision and hire professional carpet cleaners rather than having to pony up for expensive carpet replacement.