How Online Games Work as Stress Busters

In an age where we are working longer hours for less money, it’s no wonder the levels of stress in the workplace are so high. There are so many things that can get you down; boring colleagues, little free time, looming deadlines or even just running out of coffee at 10am on a Monday.
Sometimes it’s good to get away from the stress of work-related duties and to take some time out during your day to forget about those pressing issues.
How Online Games Work as Stress Busters Distraction
If you’ve been working so hard on a project that you just can’t seem to get any further with it then perhaps you need a distraction. Just taking some time out to think about something else can get your subconscious working on those work problems you are facing. More often than not, a short break is all you need.
Play an online game for 15 minutes or so. Choose something you enjoy such as bingo or an old arcade game. You can usually play for free or have a game of free poker without having to sign up.
Brain Training
There are certain sites, such as Happify, that offer games designed to help you beat stress, build brain power and cope better with situations that would normally make you quite anxious.
A few minutes every day playing one of these games can improve your concentration skills, help you to cope better, and you’ll be getting a proper break from work.
There are other games that can help to improve memory, reaction time, observation skills and accuracy.
Use Your Mobile Phone
Take some time away from your desk during a stressful day. Head to the staff room or some other neutral area and distract yourself with a game on your phone for a little while. You’ll be getting out of a stressful environment and will give yourself some time to calm down.
Let Out Some Aggression
Rather than shouting at your boss or a rather aggravating client, take your stress out on a game. Then are plenty of light-hearted but still quite violent games out there that are particularly cathartic.
Don’t spend too much time playing these sorts of games. Just enough time to let your rage dissipate so you can get back to work and deal with those aggressors in a calm and collected manner.
A lunchtime game of Quake, bingo or something similar can be a really good way to socialise with your colleagues.
You get to take a proper lunch break (although perhaps you should get some fresh air at some point) and it’s a good chance to get to know your colleagues in a non-work situation.
These sorts of interactions can build stronger working relationships. If you like the people you work with then it’ll be much easier to deal with stressful workplace situations.
Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specializes in providing useful and engaging technology advice to others.