HIPPOmsg Review

What is HIPPOmsg?
HIPPOmsg provides a safe and secure messaging platform to healthcare professionals, enabling them to communicate with each other in a quick and efficient manner. Following HIPAA compliance, this platform is created by healthcare professionals to cater to specialists in the same field and eliminate communication barriers among them. With HIPPOmsg, users can communicate with other physicians and medical experts without having to locate their office contact number; it means they can instantly reach them in case of emergency. HIPPOmsg is available in two versions, i.e. webpage and mobile application, which further simplifies the information-sharing procedure.
Under normal circumstances, sending protected health information via text message is illegal. With HIPPOmsg, however, healthcare professionals including physicians, physician assistants, medical students, doctors and licensed medical practitioners can securely exchange health information under HIPAA regulations.
Below are some of the features offered by HIPPOmsg to users:
Features of HIPPOmsg
The biggest benefit of using HIPPOmsg is that it is completely free. The website and the application have been created by physicians to cater to medical professionals, and that too without any charges.
HIPPOmsg is simple to operate and is available on PC as well as smartphones and tablets. This implies that users can share sensitive and important information easily and instantly as per their needs. The simplicity offered by HIPPOmsg also eliminates the need to go through numerous medical record databases to search for and reach your colleagues.
Text Message Security
The application offers the highest text message security, ensuring strict compliance to HIPAA regulations. Developed, evaluated and tested with assistance from a national and certified HIPAA expert, HIPPOmsg ensures that sensitive medical information is delivered to the recipient in a safe and secure manner.
Unique Network
HIPPOmsg helps users connect with a number of registered and certified healthcare professionals in an instant! With its unique network of highly qualified and competent healthcare experts, users are guaranteed to come across one that will fully cater to their needs, without having to search for their office contact number or wait for calls and deal with hospital operators.
Updated Versions
Following the immense popularity and success of HIPPOmsg, the company has launched several upgraded versions of the same application with added features and improvements for enhanced user experience. Version 1 has some new and improved features for users, including changed script format, simplified login process, added groups and refined search.
Version 1.1 was launched sometime after its predecessor, which is compatible with Apple iOS and has a Google Play application. Apart from that, this version also has RNs/LPNs added to the platform, which were missing in the previous version. The latest version, i.e. Version 1.2 has made another addition of Social Workers and Medical Assistants to the messaging platform, should a need arise to contact them.
With all the features and the ease of sharing information it provides, HIPPOmsg streamlines the entire process of collaborating and sharing protected medical information with healthcare professionals, making sure that users do not have to go through all the hassle of trying to reach a colleague through traditional ways ever again!