Here’s How You Can Avoid Choking On The Golf Course

Most golfers, irrespective of experience and skill, have a tendency to muck up the last few holes. The mounting pressure of the game together with the watchful eyes of the audience causes players to lose their cool and lose the last few holes in the match. Needless to say, this is incredibly frustrating, and unless you have a proper strategy in place, you will not be able to avoid a repetition of such a situation. The only way out is a lot of practice. If you live close to one of the popular golf courses near Dallas, you are lucky. Even otherwise, you need to brush up your skills on a golf course if you wish to combat choking. Moreover, the right kind of guidance is necessary for you to overcome the problem and finish off the game in style. Here are some methods of tackling this ‘situation’ and getting out of your comfort zone to play without inhibitions:

Difference between Panic and Choking

Even the most seasoned golfers often confuse the two, and if you fail to understand the problem, chances are you’ll fumble when the pressure is on. Choking happens when you think too much. On the contrary, panic is when you do not think enough. This might sound very confusing, but it’s actually quite simple.

The trick is to know when to think and when not to. Consider the various factors that might affect your play – the wind, water, trouble, and the type of club to get the perfect shot. Do all your thinking before you hit the ball. Choking doesn’t mean that you’ll not think all the time, it means that you need to learn the right way to use your subconscious mind along with your brain to produce the results that you wish to achieve. When you’ve completed all your thinking, it’s time to switch your brain off and hit the ball.


In golf, you achieve success when you’ve got a calm mind. When the pressure increases, it’s normal for your brain to go into overdrive. You start feeling exhausted and the effort that goes into playing golf starts to show. However, it is important that you learn to slow down and relax. This will enable you to play better and find extra enthusiasm and energy. However, this goes against the norm of golf. Players are encouraged to think, analyze, and focus on every small detail. It’s common, but in the end, it’s not going to aid you in swinging a long stick and hitting a small ball on the ground when your heart is beating fast, and you’re finding it hard to breathe.

Coming to Terms with Reality

Never assume things on the golf course. This is the worst possible thing you can do as it plays havoc with your morale. For example, if you miss a putt on the first and second green, you start thinking that you’re the worst putter in the world. Learn to face the truth – it’s all in your head. In reality, you’ve simply missed two tricky putts, and a lot of players miss them from time to time. You don’t need to beat yourself up over it.


This is a vital step in getting over choking. If you think you lack experience, do not let the possibility of taking a big decision affect you. The nervousness you feel will begin to show in your game if you change your approach at the worst possible moment. Always maintain your playing style. Changing your game over the last couple of holes because you feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable can end up destroying your round. If you manage to keep your wits about you, you will end up reaping all the rewards of your hard work.

Every golfer strives to achieve success in the game. In the process, however, many lose sight of their system and start slipping occasionally. When golfers get ready to play at the popular golf courses near Dallas and other places, it is only natural to think about and strategize every move. However, one must know where to draw the line. Enjoy the game, go with the flow, and everything will fall into place.