Grill Wars: Gas Grills vs. Charcoal Grills and Smokers

Eating something that is roasted or grilled will let you feel the true taste and flavor of the food. A barbecue grill is used to cook these types of food by applying heat directly from below. There are several varieties of grills, however all of them falls in the category of gas grills and charcoal grills. Up until now, people still argue which of the two is the best material to use. Well, this article will tell you the advantages of using a gas grill.
First, a gas grill is much easy to use that the other types of grills. When lighting up a gas grill, you do not need to spend all your strength and effort into lighting up a charcoal. You just need to push the start up button or switch in order to lit up the fire. There is a small hammer in the grill that hits an ignition crystal which produces a spark that ignites the gas. The burner then combines the gas with oxygen, heating the entire cooking surface.
It is much faster to heat up than a charcoal grill so to those who love and enjoy barbecuing, this type of grill is a much favorable choice. When you use the charcoal grill, you need to be very careful about the smoldering coals and wood chips that could cause fire but you do not need to worry about this when using a gas grill. Compared to lighting up a charcoal grill, this one is not only easy but also a time-saver.
Second, cleaning a gas grill is much easier than cleaning a smoker or a charcoal grill. It is necessary to clean the grills right after every use in order to avoid rusting and accumulation of unnecessary chemicals that might be poisonous to humans. The accumulated grease or burnt food particles should be removed thoroughly as you clean the grill by only wiping it. Also, when you clean up a gas grill, you only need to wipe it without using any liquid material.
Third, gas grills have a lot of features offered. Gas grills present various types of cooking surfaces like ribbed grill rack, flat grill rack and a barbecue rack. When purchasing a gas grill, this is absolutely advantageous since this feature is only offered by the gas grill so it is not available in other types of barbecue grills. Aside from racks, gas barbecue grills have more than one cooking surface which is equipped of individual burners.
This feature is best for situations when you need to cook various foods at the same time at a fast pace. In addition, a temperature setting is also one of the features of the gas grill that will keep the food warm. And lastly are its equipped thermostats that will allow you to adjust cooking temperatures. You don’t need to buy food thermometers and other equipment unlike in the case with charcoal grills.
Finally, gas barbecue grills are sturdier than other grill types. It is a type of grill that is portable wherever you want to take it Because of its compact and easily transportable sizes.
However, not all that has great advantages is good. In every positive side, there also comes its negative side. The presence of propane is something that is disadvantageous with the gas grills. Propane is an extremely inflammable gas and if you are not very careful about it, fire accidents might occur. However, this is the same thing with the charcoal and smoker grill or even the worse because there is a higher risk of fire since the cooking is done over an open fire.
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