Slimming Down Your Wallet

There are many reasons for slimming down your wallet, especially if you’re a man.  Carrying around a big fat wallet can affect the way you sit, the flow of your clothing, and your back.

mens money clip card holder
Men’s Money Clip Card Holder

It’s funny but true that an overstuffed wallet can cause a man who carries it in his back pocket to have back problems.  The pressure it applies to the tail bone and hip can eventually realign these bones creating pain and discomfort in these areas, as well as, the back.

There are great options to slimming down your wallet like with a Men’s money clip card holder.  There are a variety of these on the market today in an array of colors and material to suit even the highest class man.  A men’s money clip card holder takes the bulk out of a fat wallet since it allows for one to carry the essentials and not keep what they don’t need or use in them.

There are gold, silver, leather, and other material that a men’s money clip card holder can be found made of.  There are ones that are bi-fold and even tri-fold that can hold up to 15 cards or more (not that anyone needs to carry that many).  They can be monogrammed as well and come in a variety of colors, if that’s what you prefer.  Some will have a magnetic money clip while others provide a sturdy secure clutch.  The clip is usually found on the outside of the wallet but there are some that are inside the fold.  Some have the clip on one side while the card holder is on the other for those men who don’t need more than a couple of card slots.  Many of them have a window slot for easy reading the identification card.

When you think about gift giving, a men’s money clip card holder wallet can make a great one for any man of any social class.  They provide the security of carrying cash; provide a safe place for identification cards and credit cards (you know the essentials).  And knowing that it can be personalized is an added benefit.  Some individuals have even given their groomsmen a money clip card holder wallet as a thank you gift for participating in the wedding.

There are many types and styles of mens money clip card holders available on the market today.  And as with most items, online shopping can provide the best variety and value.